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Latest News - 13/11/2020

It's Friday and it feels a bit odd.. but it's still The Weekend!

 Friday Night and once again we are at the start of the Weekend.. but what are they for if not to have fun??

This weekend we see a return to the type of Weekend Weather that will bring a smile to all wind sports participants, as well as those that are happy to sit and watch the spectacle of Rubber Clad People having fun, out on the water!   
The forecast is for full on WIND both days,  thanks to a Low pressure coming in from the West and it is tracking low enough ‘down’ to bring up warm air from the South, so temps of around 14° have been mentioned... You have to be really happy with that for November! It continues into next week thanks to another deep Low heading our way, so if you have to work this weekend there are still opportunities to come.  More of that later…
Quick apology to those on facebook who would usually see this blog on our page but sadly I cannot log onto it now using any browser whatsoever and after the problems it caused last Friday eve , I have finally lost the will and will ‘give up’ until they can sort it out (Social Media can really be anti-social at times!). If anyone who can get on our page would like to copy and paste this, then that would be really helpful.
Kit, so much kit in the shop! Gladiator iSUP shipment has finally arrived and we actually have a few spare boards! Pretty sure we have the 10’6 and 10’8 Light boards and possibly in the Pro Boards, a couple of 10’7 Windsups and 11’2” Elite Tourers plus the 11’6” to follow shortly. 
You can see more info by Clicking Here or using this link..
Please Call us tomorrow if you are interested as we just need to check all of the pre-orders have been fulfilled.
Fanatic Sky Wing Boards are ‘rare’ to say the least so someone should be happy to find out that we now have a 5’4” and 6’0” available! These are seen as the best by a lot of riders and currently the 2021 Price is held at £1099.00. You can see the boards in Action by Clicking Here or using this link …
Call us to reserve or to collect!

If you need a Wing to go with it we have current stock of the Airush / Starboard Freewing, the Slingshot Sling Wing V2, the Duotone Echo which is their alloy boomed wings and the wave orientated Unit Wing, the Swiss company Ensis wings which are gaining a following and of course the Naish Wingsurfer S25’s (don’t think I missed any?). You can see all of these in use on the net in various tests and reviews (I will try and add the links later but time is moving on..).
Starboard ran a competition for the best Covid No Racing Lockdown Video involving their Race Isonic board range. The winner is truly extraordinary as he stayed totally dry but still  managed to go racing on his Isonic..  in the basement. I would love to see it but if I try and follow the link (as below. so I hope it works!) facebook says No! Here it is and our congratulations to Michael from Poland..  Watch The Winning Video Here 
I think I have done enough today, so let’s go to the weekends weather and the Tides, which are pretty big, Climping..hold your breath!
Saturday the Winds are from the South and will strengthen throughout the day. The average speed will be from 20 to 30kts with gusts of up to 40kts during daylight hours (after that you should not be out). Tide hits High at 10.06hrs on a rather large 6.56m, which is why I mentioned Climping as the onshore winds will drive the waves higher up the beach and it breached last year. However a perfect tide for sailing Shoreham in the afternoon (no water at Worthing on a tide of this size).Rain should be light in the morning but heavier as the day moves on.
Sunday the winds swing to the Sou’West after 9am but currently look to be stronger with average speeds of 26-30kts and gusts up to 44kts. Rainfall is looking ‘heavy’ around High Tide but then should be showers during the afternoon. The Tides hit High at 10.52hrs on a 6.8m, so we will all be watching the flood defences (what else could go wrong in 2020!!)
And that is it for Friday the 13th.. I knew there was a reason why Facebook won’t work!! 
Hope you all have a Fun and Safe weekend doing exactly what you want.. but if you are a NHS worker or in the Emergency Services doing what ‘you have to’ this weekend.. then a BIG THANK YOU from us all, as we really DO appreciate everything  YOU do!

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