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Latest News - 20/11/2020

Weekend for a day of wind and a blow up job works!


Well, there’s been a bit of a change in the weather,  with Winter feeling like it has returned during the last couple of days (more so at night!) but we are at the end of the  ‘working week’ and Friday night means it is the Weekend!


It’s going to be really quick tonight as things have not gone to plan today (as if they ever do at the moment.. getting up in the morning can be a worry in itself!) and why? Because some people think that messing up other peoples days is a fun thing to do! If the world is not screwed up enough with Covid issues all you really need on top is to find your mailbox filled with 1000’s of spam emails overnight. Nearly all of my day has now been wasted and I feel like.. well.. best I don’t say but sharp sticks and guy called Vlad come to mind! The day did have a few pleasant moments though, particularly the Dentist first thing.. really..oh wow, new Dentist and the Lady was soooo good! Bet she has gone by the next time I go.. L

There was also a very interesting Zoom meeting re. the Naish 26 kit,  which will be arriving next year. Wing Foiling kit is now top of the list in nearly all manufacturers sales sights and Robby Naish is 100% a believer in / of the massive growth of a sport that at this time last year was generally perceived by many companies as ‘a bit of a fad’. Typically their board ranges look a bit different but that is bound to be the case as Hawaiian brands do seem to ‘lead’ (everyone though that Naish’s large area delta foil wings were slow and would not catch on but ‘early lift’ is where we are now), the inflatable Wings have had tweeks to enhance the lift and also improve the stowage issue of the 2020 model and the foils are again New and Improved with stiffer masts and a new hi-tech finish to the wings, so all in all something to look forward to in Spring 2021!


Bought a new wetsuit but have constrictive annoying areas??.. well here is your answer! We had an email in today from a customer who had purchased a 6mm hooded suit a couple of months back due to needing extra heat retention after catching Covid earlier this year (he really feels the cold now whereas he did not before) but found that the suit was damned tight where he did not want it to be (most suits are Surf cut and that means no loose neoprene as air in the suit makes ‘duck diving’ through the waves a bit of a problem) so he has found an interesting way to stretch the suit…

 “Just to share my experience with this wetsuit for maybe some of your other customers

Even though this suit is exactly the correct size - all the panels fit perfectly , the additional tension caused by that extra 1mm all over your body adds up to an insane amount, so it's like being strapped inside a pressure suit. The first time I went out in this about a month ago, after about 20 minutes I was exhausted because of all the extra energy my body had to supply just to flex the suit.  Turning my head was almost impossible from the stiffness of the attached hood! I'll admit that it was a bit demoralising! After this frustrating 1st use I spent about a week just soaking and stretching the panels every day in order to break it in - this worked a bit better but still not perfect. After this I got some bicycle inner tubes and inflated them inside the suit in the places that were causing me the most discomfort - the forearms, the hood and the shoulders (Note. typical places where Kite and Windsurf suits are cut slightly looser), and once they were inflated I left it hanging up for about 3 days. Next time I used the suit, the problem was gone and the inner tubes had stretched out the panels. I was lucky that I did not over inflate the tubes by mistake - it would have been easy to do this because I had no way of knowing how effective the inflation would be  (hint -  very! )

So - anyway - now all good and this is such an incredibly warm wetsuit that it makes my 5mm seem like a summer suit. 6mm definitely recommended now it's broken in.:) “


So there is the ‘TIP OF THE WEEK’.. Thank You Sel!


The weekend weather and Tides..

Saturday once again we have Wind forecast and at fun levels as well,20-27kts Sou’West

With 12° air temp and NO RAIN! Tide hits High at 15.33 on a 5.26m so early session at Shoreham or head West in the afternoon.

Sunday we have a return to light Northerly air flow, 3-5 kts,  so the temps will fall and the fun will stop (SUP still OK!) but the work around the home can be continued! Tide hits High at 16.37hrs on a 4.9m.. not great for River paddling as not a lorra water!


That’s it..time for my dinner! Have a great weekend and do keep those Covid Guidelines in mind..  it is very easy to forget that we are in a Lockdown to help people live a little longer!

Vive la NHS!


Picture of inflated people in rubber courtesy of O’Neill wetsuits.. which we don’t sell but always loved this Pic!! 

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