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Latest News - 15/01/2021

Friday Night and all is.. Taka's, Waves and Tides!

 Friday Night is here  and that means it is the Weekend … if only it could be followed by Saturday Night at the Movies and Sunday Lunch at a Pub or just doing what you liked doing!

All those thing we took for granted for so many years and now.. what would you give to wake up without having to worry about a Virus! Errr… how about a sing song.. Things Can Only Get Better!
Going to be very brief tonight as I’m pooped (been on the computer all day, which makes me feel ill ) and I am sure the week has been stressful enough for you All without having to sink into a deeper depression after reading  ‘My Happy Blog’! So what News is there..
Ezzy have New sails on the way as I am sure you are aware.. a New Taka 7 (semi soft Wave sail for those that just like to play on a face) and the Mk2 of last years raging sucsess, The Wave! 
The Taka has a new Panel Layout and the Wave has had a few minor tweaks (that is the Tech News) plus they have added in a 6.3m as requested by the buying Ezzy Public. The Wave is sooo light (3.65kg for the new 6.3m) that it has reversed that old Ezzy legacy of their being super tough sails but a bit heavy.. now you have Super Tough and Super Light Sail which I guess is close as you can currently get to a Holy Grail of a Sail! If only we could get rid of the battens…
So we have new sails on their way (first delivery due end Jan / early Feb) but a New Pricelist has arrived . Sail prices are up, as is their Legacy Carbon 60 Mast range, which were incredibly cheap and are now at still what would have to be seen as a good price. The Hookipa 91% they have managed to keep the same. You can see all the changes on the website as I have just finished updating everything (bet there are typos everywhere!). 
CLICK HERE to see more!
Brexit has not gone away and the shipping of our kit from the EU has become a little more confusing.. and it is Russian Roulette whether your package is delivered without any signs of Duty or Handling Fees or if it is held at the Couriers distribution centre until you pay! It does seem odd that nearly all of the ‘how to do it’  information is coming from the other side of the Channel, as we were the ones that left! Well at least someone is working on it but we do apologise if you are waiting for kit that is currently stuck in ‘Limbo Land’, a whole new place just outside of Dover!
The weekends Weather and Tides (Tide Tables are being printed as we type).
Saturday is ‘possibly’ cold, wet and windy.. Southerley winds uo to 31kts. High is at 13.22hrs on a 6.1m so that could be the best excuse for not going out,  if it is SNOWING (as the Beeb said this evening..hmmm).
Sunday we have Nor’West at 19kts with a High of 7°. Tide hits High at 14.01hrs on a 5.9m.
And that is all you have to endure this evening! Please be safe if you do venture out onto the water and follow the guidelines wherever possible regarding ‘exercise’,  as we all have to do our best not to give anyone a headache in the NHS.. which sadly seems to mean No Hospital Spaces at the moment. We are so proud of all the people who are risking everything to hold it all together,  for all of us! 
Have a good weekend and stay Young!

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