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Latest News - 05/02/2021

The weekend.. Six Up, the Cold comes and sadly Major Tom goes!

 Here we go again.. The weekend arrives and it’s Rugby Time.

Yes, the Six Nations is on and at least that will bring a little pleasure to 
sitting in front of a screen, rather than the ones that so many of us now have to use for work (my eyes are shot after looking at this one all day!). Saturday is looking as though it will be reasonably warm but with rain in the afternoon and then.. well let’s just say we are back into winters grip but hopefully only for a few days.
News for this week is that the New Wingboards from JP have just been launched.. The X-Winger will be available in five sizes as well as in two constructions (hmmm. do we need two nowadays? I guess so..). They are the Pro and the IPR, which means… The Innegra Parabolic Rail! It works as a stringer around the whole shape, adding extra stiffness to the board. To ensure the best stiffness ratio, the rail is fully covered with Innegra, a high modulus polypropylene fibre that has excellent impact resistance. The parabolic form of the rail combined with the moulded fibre creates a strong and solid U-beam structure that connects the deck, rail and bottom. Innegra is pigmented instead of fully painted to save weight and avoid paint chipping..  phew.  
So now You know! Pricing is £999.00 to £1199.00 for the IPR boards and £1449.00 to £1645.00 for the Pro version. Boards are expected to arrive April and as with everything at the moment, if you do want one then we need to order NOW! More info here..
The corresponding Foil for the boards is the Pryde Glide Surf  (designed and tested with so should work best with..) which is available in five wing sizes from 1100 to 2300cm2 and in two constructions, Alloy which range from £849.99 to £1099.00 and the Carbon which range from £1449.00 to £1699.00.
Once again, order early to save disappointment!  You can find out more here..
Our intrepid paddler, who actually is called  Wes, has been out and about on his SUP again this week and very kindly sent over more pics which I will post shortly,  as awaiting  more info on paddling times etc.
The weekend Tides and weather.. 
Saturday we have light Nor’ Nor- East wind 7kts or so, a day time temp of 7° max with rain at times. Tide is High at 18.06hrs on a 5.2m. Enjoy.
Sunday.. brrrrr.. as the winds pucker up to 18-32kts Nor’Nor-East and the temps plummet to 1°C with snow showers during the day.. GREAT! Tide hits High at
18.51hrs .. Icebergs may be expected by dusk! 
The sad news of the week had to be the moving on of Major Tom but what an innings he truly had..  Hats off please to a Man who saw a lot of Life!
And that is it for tonight.. Please do stay safe but more importantly Stay Warm (and not necessarily sober if watching the Rugby). 
Chow All. 

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