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Latest News - 12/02/2021

Tis the Season to say.. I HATE WINTER!

 Yes, it is a ridiculously chilly Friday evening but at least it is the WEEKEND!

Did I say chilly..I meant FREEZIN! For those in places far afield from our little part of the UK,  the outside temp currently shows -2° but add in a cutting Nor ‘East wind and it feels more like -10°. I am sure that is ‘Nice’ if you are a Caribou living in the Rockies but not if you are a water addict living down by the English Channel. Cold is fine in some places, as it comes and stays for quite a while, so you get used to it, have fun with it and you change your ideas on ‘living’ to cope with it. I guess most of us are always dead happy to head up to the mountains for a spot of frigid water surfing. We arrive, put on the right kit and have a fantastic time because the whole place is designed to work in those conditions.  Cold however is not a nice experience in this part of our country as we have bit by bit been doing away with everything that had anything to do with the long cold winters of our past .. errr…apart from those piles of plastic toboggans that seem to appear on garage forecourts at the first flurry of a snowflake! I do wonder if the nice new houses they are now building out of what looks awfully like ‘ticky tacky’ would actually take the weight of a prolonged deluge of wet snow and ice? Note.  I had to change the design of a low angle extension roof as it worried me for that very reason!
What would we do if this arrived in December and left in March? First of all Panic, then call Greta to ask was she sure about Global warming.  So what has this got to do with anything related to Watersports? Not a thing, nothing, NOTHING HAPPENS when it gets this Cold and hence I hate this weather (I bet Phil Dobner still has his shorts on and the All Year Swimmers have been braving it out).  Thankfully the end is in sight, if the forecasters have it right and really glad about that, as this weather knocks back the sea temperature quite quickly! It’s all down to the winds forcing the cold water down from the North Sea and once here, it likes to stay. Rustington Buoy has it at 6.5°. Long term wise we know it won’t be great for those poor kids, who if Lockdown allows will turn up at the beach this Easter, be put into the Shorty wetsuits they wore the last time they were here and then.. turn a deep shade of blue! Just saying that I don’t like a Cold Shoreham, not for too long. What else is there to mention… 
A Happy belated Birthday to Tim! An infamous local surfer and guitarist of The Meadway who many of you will know. We hope you have a great weekend (continuing the celebrations) and Thank You so much for the wine.. that was very kind of you! Don’t ask us why… it’s a secret. 
More Rugby on both days to keep you inside and by the fire (what a shame it cannot be in a PUB!)
and I’m sure you can all find something to do to pass the last two days of Life in the Freezer.. Monday we Live Again! And now, the weekends Weather and Tides.
Saturday we have a ‘fresh’ Easterly wind running at around 18kts with an air temp of 2°,  which will have a real feel of  ‘Sod that’ for most! No rain or snow and the Tide hits High at 12.29hrs on a 6.2m, which will pee those off who would like to paddle or get the Wing Foiler out (if you do go Please do not try and tell us you were toasty.. even if we did sell you the wet or drysuit!).
Sunday, don’t forget it is Valentine’s Day! Oh wow.. they have updated the forecast and now say we will have a 6° air temp during the day (was showing as arriving early hours of Monday).
 Winds will back round to the South at 19kts and the Tide hits High at 13.04hrs.. You can now go out and tell us you were toasty!
Please all stay safe and if you don’t have suitable kit for a water temp of 6.5°.. Please stay onshore!
Love You ALL and a Big Hug for the NHS XXXX (it’s that sort of weekend!)

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