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Latest News - 19/02/2021

Friday Night and.. the Weekend is a split personality!!

 Friday Night and the weather is looking a little more inviting for this weekend..  at least for our part of the country!

That’s another week of Lockdown gone by so wherever and whenever the end of this all is, we are a little closer. Also good to at last be emerging from the winter and the evenings are getting lighter every day… now, more than ever , do we need a little light!
There has not been a great deal to get ‘Happy’ about recently,  apart from the departure of those freezing cold temperatures which culminated with the cutting winds we had last weekend (so glad to see the back of COLD.. for a while) but when you look at what the States are suffering  I guess we had it good. Climate change is bringing us all problems and it seems an unamed storm is bringing a few to the Western side of the Country as I write, 60mph Winds and heavy rain. 
The improving weather in our neck of the woods will make James and I feel a little better about having to ask everyone to stay outside when collecting kit. I felt really sorry for everyone that came along last Saturday as it was so cold and James was telling me today that he had people queuing in the rain yesterday. Believe me I will be so glad when the shop doors can be opened again and we can get back to how it was, but for now we still have to follow the rules.
Deliveries are still ever so slow (expected two boards to arrive this week from Austria , alas they did not make it.. sorry Simon and Jeff!) but things will improve as we move on with our new place in the World.. Rome was not built in a day. Please try and plan in advance if you are thinking of a purchase as even items as common as a boom can take three months to arrive!
And that is it as time has not waited for me this evening..  so what does the weekend weather have in store for us?
Saturday the winds will be from the South at 16kts (Gwithian has 55 knots..) and a dry day with sunny spells and a temp of.. 14°C!! Tides hit High at 16.39hrs on a 4.3m (not a lot of Tidal movement).
Sunday the winds decrease to 8kts from the South and the day will be dry with light cloud. Temp is 12°C so still much warmer than we have had (Winds off the sea will be ‘cool’ though as 6.6°C sea temp. Tide is High at 18.14hrs on a 4.55m.
I hope your weekend goes well and there’s no Rugby to conflict with a WEEKEND OF WARMTH! Sure the beaches will be busier than last weekend!
Please have fun but make sure you have no reason to SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION.. They are very tired and won’t want to meet you.  Viva la NHS!

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