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Latest News - 26/02/2021

It's a SUMMER TIME WEEKEND.. well not quite so TAKE CARE!

Friday evening, the sun has gone down and we are heading once more into the Weekend!

What a day today was.. the sky was as blue as you could ever ask for and hardly any vapour trails to mess it up. It felt like summer and that is always a bad thing to think as we might fall into the Trap. The trap I am thinking of is the one that is sprung by a warm sun and a seascape that looks incredibly inviting, as it did when we were out and about last summer. My Niece texted during this afternoon and asked if I had a SUP she could borrow as she had been to the beach and it looked fantastic. Sadly I had to decline the loan for two reasons.. first was that we don’t even have a demo board at the moment as everything that comes in finds a home pretty damned quick and then there was a far more important reason. I know she does not have a full wetsuit; just a Shorty as do most sun loving people and that suit, in my opinion, is no good when the water is 6°. It’s the Cold Water Shock scenario that is always in the back of my mind and sadly it still claims so many lives in the UK, even though it is well documented. So please, please, please do not think that it won’t happen to you, as you may well go swimming all year round but on a SUP you will heat up paddling in the Sun and if you do fall in , which is not like entering the water at slow pace,  it really could happen to you .
Maybe worth checking what your youngsters are thinking of doing this weekend and maybe have a word.  Enough said (except for I should get the young Lady a winter suit!).
Not going to harp on about shortages and suggesting that you think about ordering your wish list now but just to say that again this week we have been told of further delays on delivery schedules with boards that should have been with us ‘now’ being put back to June and July delivery. 
The’ good old days’ have gone! For the last 27 years I have been offering last year’s bargains as a cheaper option to our customers, of which some understandably have a limited budget. 
Clearance Kit no longer exists so that era, for now, has sadly ended. 
Good news is that we are only weeks away from the Clocks going forward and there does now seem to be light at the end of The Covid Tunnel, not that we will be SAFE by having been vaccinated, but restrictions will start to lift and we can get on with the next version of ‘living’! Happy Days for the Lucky Ones.  Still no entry to the shop of course but we are trying to get everyone sorted the best we can.. Please bear with us (that always sounds to me like an invitation to a Streaker party!)
Now the Weekend Weather and Tides..
Saturday , we have 11° with SUN (should feel warmer in the Sun) with a light North to Nor’East wind at 4 knots. A very lovely day for a paddle with the right kit on! Tide is High at 11.14hrs on a 6.17m so GREAT for paddling the Rivers!
Sunday is slightly overcast and the temp dips to 9° due to a stronger Nor’East wind at 10kts. Tide Hits High at 11.55hrs on a 6.37m so a lot of water in the estuary!
And that is it. A bit of a struggle for some as it’s the Rugby again this weekend. Maybe time to fire up the Betamax or VHS and watch the games when the Sun has gone down.. Way too nice to sit indoors, even if it is Wales V England, and especially as NO PUBS open! 
Have a good one and do spare a thought for those NHS Workers who are still putting their lives on the line (very sad to see that a Worthing Police Officer of only 50 years old passed away due to Covid).

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