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Latest News - 30/04/2021

Bank Holiday Chills and Spills AHOY!

 Here we go.. It's the May Bank Holiday Weekend and what a lovely looking one it is too! No shortage of cold days this year and as yet it looks as though they are continuing but with the added pleasure of rain, which I am quite happy about as the roads need a good washing to get rid of the salt (plays havoc with motorbikes!). More of the weather later but now it's time for new and used Kit arrivals.

New in the door.. Fanatic Pure Air iSUP 10'4" packages (they come with a Fanatic 3 part Pure Paddle and Leash)  in the Red and Blue colourways.  We also have had just one 10'8" Blue arrive. £479.00 for the 10'4" and £489.00 for the 10'8" is a spectacular price for these packages and guess what.. these could be the only Pure packages we see for a long while as now sold out at Fanatic.

 In composite SUP we now have an RRD LongSUP Wood Y25 9'4" x 29". They are now on offer at £1099.00. Also from RRD we have a Cotan Pro Wave Y23 7'6" x 28" now on offer at £899.00.

 New & Used Windsurfing kit..

New On Offer boards from RRD.. 
RRD Freestyle Wave 90lt Ltd  Y25 £1749.00
RRD Freestyle Wave 104lt Black Ribbon Y25 £1949.00
RRD Fireride V1 Wood 115lt Y23 £999.00

We have had a 'windfall' of 2020 Ezzy Waves .
New on Offer we have
 a 3.7m and a 5.8m (both in Blue) priced at £490.00 and £560.00. 
In Used we have  4.2m / 4.7m / 5.2m (all Blue) and they are all really  ' as new' , hence  priced at £420.00 / £430.00 / £440.00. A very good buy when you look at the latest prices.

There's also a Used Hookipa 400cm mast in a padded bag in VGC at £300.00 and a 370cm Hookipa with a padded bag which can only have been used to rig a sail, up for grabs at £345.00.

So, what does the weekend weather have in store..
Saturday and Sunday are both down for light cyclonic winds (go all over the place) with possible rain showers and Highs of 11°C. Bank Holiday Monday.. there's a bit of a change as the winds back Sou'West and will peak at 48kts (possibly plus) during Monday evening. Heavy rain at times and a High of 11°, so that will bring joy for some and tears for others!

The Tides are..
Saturday High is at 15.12pm on a 6.1m.
Sunday High is at 16.04hrs on a 5.7m.
Monday High is at 17.06hrs on a 5.3m.

 And that is it for now and possibly for the summer, as far as the Friday evening blog goes, as working late on a Friday evening when it is day light outside is just not on!

Please make the best of this Bank Holiday Weekend whatever the weather and as always.. Stay Safe and StayWarm! Brrrrr...


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