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Latest News - 07/05/2021

Friday Night.. an awful week and what IS the weekends weather?

 Friday evening and way too late now for a long blog so I will be brief..

A very awful week here on the beach with the sad loss of local superstar Jon Cook,  who had some sort of accident whilst surfing in the harbour mouth on Monday evening (as far as we know he was out on his own so no one knows exactly what happened). I say a superstar as in my eyes he was. He was not a perfect person, as none of us are, but he was so full of life and would give anyone the time of day, including the youngsters who he coached for football. His connections with the Speedway World are well documented but his love of SUP was way beyond the norm, as many of the locals will know. So much so that for the last couple of years he had constantly talked of running his own school so he could bring more people into the sport he was addicted to but due to various issues, including dear old Covid,  it always ended up on the back burner. This year however it was going ahead and the kit that we ordered for Jon is arriving shortly, so having been so close to his dream and then this happens.. all you can say is that life is pretty damned 'unfair' at times. I would have used another word but maybe not, as all we can do now is send him on his way 'well'. Man Hug Jon.
Loads of new kit arrived this week.. Fanatic Allwaves in 9'3" and 9'7" (Roger.. your 8'11" is here!!).. another RRD 96 FSW Black Ribbon and a Beluga Wind/SUP/Wing board.. ION summer waterwear and windsurf stock (still have to check that all in) plus STX 11'6 Tourer and Hybrid (Windsurf option ) boards plus Y26 Foils from Naish and F-Wing and F-Sup foils and a 5.4 Sling Wing V2 from Slingshot.

Used kit we have a Hotsails Junior 2.7m Rig, Tushingham Force 10 (Storm) 6m in almost as new condition, a Naish All Terrain 7m and the corresponding Naish Aeromax C75 460cm mast (SDM at the base but RDM at the boom). A Starboard Futura 122 Wood, an RRD Freestyle wave  Wood 94lt, and an immaculate JP Real World Wave II FWS 76lt complete with JP Bag. Will post those on the site tomorrow with prices!
Weather for the weekend is hmmm.. Windguru are close to the Beeb's earlier 40kt forecast with a current 36kt Southerly'ish wind, whereas the Beeb are now saying 20kts. I guess we will see tomo but both agree that it will be with Rain!  Sunday is a little less at 18kts but the same direction and dry.

Tides are High at 10.20am on a 5.4m Saturday and 11.02hrs on a 5.6m Sunday so both good days for Shoreham.

That is it.. One picture tonight and that is of Jon during his Speedway career.
Have a great weekend and please take care as always.
Still love the NHS!

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