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Latest News - 02/07/2021

It's all just Rock 'n' Roll around here.. eh Jai.

 Friday Night and it looks as though it will be a Rockin' Weekend!

Yes, the 'Legends of Rock' are hitting Adur Recreation ground this Saturday and Sunday, with bands such as Cold Play, Stereophonics, Oasis and The Rolling Stones all performing live on stage!! Well.. not quite the real thing.. they're Tribute acts of course but even so, I am sure they will put on a good show. Not sure how the organisers intend to contend with Covid Restrictions but I guess that they will have that all planned out.
Sadly not rock 'in as far as the weather is concerned (if the forecast is right..) as currently they have us down for Rain both days and onward into next week (some friggin Summer this is.. went for a run yesterday morning and the paths are as bad as they were in the winter!) which does have a silver lining as there is a 'dartboard' lined up for Tuesday.
There was also a band of Rock'n'Roll that arrived at the shop this week.. The Ensis Foil boards. A professional looking bit of kit, well finished, very light and currently offered complete with footstraps, knee leash and a very nice Ensis board bag within the price. I should have taken a few pics as it was just like the good old days.. Boards all piled up outside of the shop. The pile has now gone, we have just a solitary 77lt left in stock but should have two more 97lt boards arriving next week! Worth a look if you want a nice wing foil board. 
So now for the weather..
Saturday winds from the South in the morning turning Sou'West in the afternoon peaking at 12kts.
Tide is High at 06.30hrs on a 4.9m so low midday but as a Neap in won't make a lot of difference.
Some say showers all day, BBC say only up to 9am.
Winds for Sunday are still Sou'West at 15kts max. Sundays High Tide is at 07.30hrs on a tiny 4.8m.
Showers all day is current outlook.
And that is it for this week apart from marking the anniversary of Jai Matthews whom many of you knew, who sadly passed away 28th June 2017.. still sorely missed! Feck.
Stay safe on the Water and on the Land! NHS workers all still loved. 

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