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Latest News - 09/07/2021

Tis the Weekend for Footers.. and not a lot else!!

 Very quick this evening as no one wants to waste a lovely summers evening reading what I write (and I don't want to be here writing it!) so let's get to it!
The weekend, particularly Sunday, has to be all about the one thing that the UK thrives on and that is 'the football'. It was 5 years ago that Brexit was voted upon and that happened during The Euro's, so I guess if we Win it will be a vindication for all of those who voted.. one way or another!  If we lose.. I am sure we will do it gracefully! There is also a Saturday in the weekend and I hate to write this but here is what we 'may' get weather wise.. 14 degrees, rain and light cyclonic winds... yuk! Tide is High 12.27hrs on a 5.8m so at least it will be good  for River paddling. Shall we cancel Saturday and go straight to Sunday ??.. which currently is 15 degrees, Dry and a 11kt wind from the South. Tide is High at 13.07hrs on a 5.9m (hmmm.. our tide tables show the same as Saturday) so a nice tail wind paddling North! 

And that is it. May all in the NHS, along with everyone living in these fair Isles, have a great  'British Summer' weekend!  Cheers..

Thanks to Liberal Journal for pic!

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