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Latest News - 09/07/2021

Ensis Rock n Roll 77 by Josh White

 Not often we get a Review like this one of a new Wing Foiling board.. many thanks Josh!! 

Hi Danny and James, 
Been using the board now for around 4 days from 35 knots down to 14 ish, yet to go in to the 10’s but this will come when the days are a 10 knotter.  I’m 85kg and I’m happily managing now on it. First day was a bit hairy, as I went out last Sunday here at Meon and it was 25-30knots with a good swell running around  4 foot. So stepping down from 95L to a 77L is going to be a bit of a change but it took me all of 20'ish mins to get used to it and then the next day was even easier, as it’s super stable for its size but also so nimble and playful. The double concaves and rocker on it really really help with touch downs!! The thing just pops back up like it didn’t happen, I hit some bad chop out the back and it just takes it in its stride. I’ve come the closest that I’ve ever came to landing flakas on this board, full rotation and just landing on wing on the ending, it rotates so easy! Straps are super comfy, bag is the bollocks, knee leash.. I can take or leave as I prefer waist to be honest. I then used the board yesterday in marginal winds and went out on my 3.5m Ensis and got going in around 16-17 knots but then it eased back to below what I could get going in, I thought shite,  I’m in the shite here as no wind on a 3.5m and a sinky'ish board but it was fine, just moved the back foot forward slightly and pottered back in. Then I tried my mates Ensis Score 6m as already rigged up (saved me getting mine) and flew straight off the beach with ease and the board felt super lively even with a 6m, so the specs they give of up to a 5.2m is windsurf analogy (which is bullshit for winging) as it doesn’t have a mast so the weight isn’t on the board and lift is upwards/forwards on a wing which puts you in to positive buoyancy. 
I would literally give this board a 9/10. 1pointI leave one off for build quality as I’m yet to fully test it and give it time for those construction things to creep up should they arise. Just need to get some money together now to try the pacer foil set up!! 
This will be my one board quiver now I would imagine. 
You have been awesome setting me up on the board and it felt like as a shop you couldn’t do enough for me which is refreshing, given the experiences I’ve had. 
I’ve attached a little video of me on it yesterday that my mate had as his wing was set up with 2 cameras.
(Note. You can see the video on our facebook page.. if it loaded up!).
Keep well and happy trading,  Cheers Guys!!
Josh White.
Kraken Whites

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