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Latest News - 16/07/2021

Hot Hot Hot, Glads are late, STX are in and Who is AR??

 Friday evening and it is going to be Hot Hot Hot... if we are lucky... this weekend!

OK, so 24° is not exactly HOT but it is a much better temperature than say last weekend, so let's enjoy it as it looks like it's just for two days and then we have a wet Monday (nothing new there.. it has rained almost religiously on a Monday now for months!). 
News of the week has to be that there are more delays with deliveries and sadly Gladiator has been hit this time with shipping issues. This delay means that our June and July shipments now look to be delayed until August. They have however arranged to fly over our 'August' shipment (confusing isn't it) which should arrive on three different aircraft, spanning a week, and in different airports just to make it more complicated! Anyone with a pre-ordered board should have been contacted by now but if you don't think YOU have, please Call us on 01273 465366. 
Thankfully another batch of STX boards arrived this week and you can check our current available stock via this Link..  
AV boards, maybe not a brand you know a lot about but it will be coming to a beach near you soon.. Aurelio Verdi was the infamous designer of RRD's 'leap forward' in board design, bringing width into boards, like the Firemove range,  that made gybing so easy, even for those that had struggled for aeons to complete a turn .
This is a brief resume of what AV Boards are all about from a chap that knows, as he used to be the UK's RRD Importer...  "Always the best thing about RRD were their windsurf boards - they were what put RRD on the map - and one of the main reasons they were always so respected in the last 15 years was the shaper Aurelio Verdi. Aurelio brought you the FSW, the Firemove, and the Wave Cult,  to name just a few. He took Antoine Albeau to several world cup titles on the X-Fire and also helped him exceed the 50 knot speed record to become the fastest sailor in history.  Aurelio Verdi is arguably one of the finest shapers in the world today".  
That was a little 'teaser' for the future but for now we must move onto the Weekend's weather and tides!
Saturday we have winds from the Nor' East at 12kts (will be shocked if a sea breeze turns that into an Easterly) and sun shine. Tides hit High17.18hrs on a 5.6m..  so low all day and  nice for the beach but watch out for those OFFSHORE winds if you head out on any device!
Sunday we have light cyclonic winds and hence the air temperature should be better. Tide is High at 18.21hrs on a 5.5m.
And that's it for this week. British F1 is at Silverstone so if the heat is too much for you, just turn on the fan, grab a cold beer and watch that! Good luck to all in the NHS who have to work..We feel for you!

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