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Latest News - 03/09/2021

September's here and the Dub Tub is grounded.

 Friday evening and we are now into the first weekend of September..  my god is 2021 rushing past!

All in all you would have to say August was the worst month, weather wise, we have had this year.. We all had great expectations but in the end got a complete flop! Your heart had to go out to all of those people camping.. Soaked to start with and then chilled to finish but I bet they still said that " we had a lovely time". Perhaps now that the schools are going back the summer weather will return.. We could do with a little warm up session before the winter comes a knocking. Personally I find Indian Summers a little annoying, as sunny warm days are fine unless you close up at 6.30pm and then all you get is a brief amount of twilight before dark. Better than some of the other options though, so roll on The Indian Summer!

News of the week has to be the continuing improvement of some stock items. We actually received a box of Ladies Shorty wetsuits today (read on and you will see why it was a bit of a shock). You may think it is too cold for a shorty by now but for SUP newcomers and open water swimmers they are a good first port of call for chill protection! Inflatable SUP manufacturing seems to have at last caught up with demand, so for the first time in approx 18 months we have a stock of almost all best selling sizes in a good range of makes and price points (what we would have given to have been in this position four months ago!). Composite SUP is still very slow though so you may still have to consider forward ordering if there is something in particular you are looking for (saying that we do have a few in stock so please ask just in case!).

Carbon seems to be a problem material once again with supply seemingly still being sucked up by one country whilst other countries manufacturers are struggling to get a good enough grade suitable for their needs (as an example windsurfing booms are an area where production is being delayed).

Covid is also still hitting the neoprene manufacturers and that is going to sadly delay even further supply of wetsuits and water wear in 2022. Our Winter Wetsuit pre- order for this year, with one company , is now delayed until February 2022. If it is late it may just be in time for spring! But all of that is insignificant when the cause is still the damned Virus ripping into un-vaccinated populations. I think we will gladly live with these minor problems that we currently have. So to the weekend's weather and tides..

Saturday, Sunny start turning cloudy, 19°C with a Nor 'East wind at 9-14kt. Tide Hits High at 10.20hrs on a 5.3m.

Sunday we have more Sun in the afternoon than morning with a high of 22°C. Winds are coming around to an Easterly (Note. That will disperse the midges we currently have on the beach) and still at around 10kt. Tide hits High at 11.04hrs on a 5.7m which does bode well for the River Paddling Excursion Society!

And that is that.. except to mention The Dub Tub, which I had seen mentioned on social media but had not noted was based in Shoreham (sad as that may seem..) until walking over the bridge to the Dentist this morning. In my defence I think I have totalled three trips over the bridge this year and all for the Dentist.. whose name by the way is Billy and she is brilliant! Took this picture and if you want to find out more click this link!


Have a great weekend one and all!

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