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Latest News - 10/09/2021

It's The Weekend.. with Something for almost Everyone??

 Here we go once more.. another panic stations Friday afternoon and the evening is looming up way too quickly... which must mean it's the Weekend! Not looking bad weather wise as it should have something for everyone, unless you were hoping for a HOT day down at the beach of course.. that was last week and I missed them too! Perhaps the long talked about Indian Summer we were 'booked' for is now another item put on the 'Cancelled for 2021' list... fingers crossed it's not! 

Good News! At last we have new windsurfing boards coming through the door and today we have had two of Ben Severne's classic Dyno arrive, a  95 and 105, so here is your chance if you are considering one. £1979.00 for the 95 and £1999.00 for the 105. Delays on windsurf boards have improved but we are still around 3-4 months being optimistic, so the days of supplying boards within a week of a customer placing an order have sadly gone. 
We also have received one Fanatic Sky Wing 5'8" Wing Board that was ordered last October!! Better late than never and price is held at £1099.00, so Call us tomorrow if you are 'wanting one'!
Ensis Wing boards are coming back into stock with a 77lt and 97lt hopefully arriving here tomorrow morning. A slightly more expensive product at £1375.00 (due to its construction of course) which are supplied with Straps but the super nice board bags that were FOC on the first UK orders now come in at an extra £119.00.. we can discuss this!
Bad News! The dreaded price rises are still coming through thick and fast, with some wave boards for 2022 going UP by £200 on 2021, making their RRP £2399.00. Worst still is the cost of neoprene products which in some cases, as per shoes, have almost doubled from £34.00 this year to £59.00 next and with availability for this coming Winter not looking good, as the factories are still not running anywhere near their normal output and the Southern Hemisphere are also desperate for their Spring deliveries. Not good for you and really not good for us either, as the cost of our stockpile is increasing incredibly.  Well, what can you do but smile and BUY Now! 
OK, the weekends weather and Tides.
Saturday we have WIND! 15 kts West during the morning and rising to 20kts Sou'West in the afternoon, which of course will be exactly when we have High Tide, which is at 14.53hrs on a 6.3m!
Sunday the winds Go and we will have 6-8kts slightly cyclonic (the direction goes all over the place). Tide is High at 15.35hrs on a 6.1m.
Both days are overcast but DRY and one is good for the Windys and the other is good for the Paddlers.. Happy days!
And that is it for this week. The shop is pretty well stocked so don't look at our website and think we do not have it, please ASK before buying online! The site is going to be replaced ASAP as we know that for a lot of people Online is the only way to shop. 
Have a great weekend and we hope you all have a little, if not a lot of FUN!
NHS included!! 

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