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Latest News - 24/09/2021

This could be the last time... for SUN and Heat!

Friday evening and my loins are telling me that something wonderful is about to occur. Yes, it's the Weekend and what a weekend weather wise it looks to be, if you like a bit of Heat and Sun! Make the most of it as I get a few days off next week (please note. not more days than I normally would get) and it's rain for me! It is looking windy though so not long to wait for those that want a bit of wet and windy to make them smile. Alas though.. I just hope that you can get to the beach as some idiot decided to tell us peops that one company has issues getting fuel to the petrol stations (why did it have to be called British Petroleum!)  which has of course led to another GPBP..the Great British Panic Buy. What must the rest of the World really think of us.. we exit the EEC as we 'Vant to be alone' and of course we then lose a lot of the Europeans who drove the trucks etc. as they no longer felt wanted in this country. Now we are told that no one here wants to be a lorry driver but if they do they work for a Supermarket,  as they get paid more for driving vicious groceries around than they do for driving a potential BOMB. Well, you reap what you have sown and so I guess we will queue in an orderly fashion and blocking the roads in all directions, as was the case in Shoreham today and in Henfield on my way here this morning! Grrr.. Rant over! (My wife had a text from Texaco saying they have lots of drivers and lots of fuel.. credit where credits due!)

Apart from my loins, something else bodily wise that is feeling the strain is my back! As you can see from the pic, the shop is rather packed with stock which all has to fit into my van during the day to allow room for people to come in and buy things! I like to have stock but this is becoming a bit of a nightmare so please..  DO come along and buy a SUP or a Wing board!! Plenty of iSUPs to chose from, starting at £375.00 and we have Composite boards as well, which are a tad more. We also now have the all NEW MB Albatros 98 and 118 Wing foiling boards which turned up today (under £1400 with a bag, footstraps and a leash). Do come along and have a look if you are in the market.
If they are outside your current budget then how about this month's copy of Windsurf Mag. Full of interesting articles and brought to you in a recyclable form which does not require any power and will not put a strain on the fire damaged leccy cable from France!
Ok, it's the Weather and Tides.
Saturday we have 19° with a light wind from the South at 8kts. Sun and cloud with the Tide hitting High at 14.34hrs on a 6m (great for the Rivers).
Sunday is pretty much the same but the winds will pick up in the afternoon to 14kts Sou'Sou'West, so perfect for those who have BIG kites or are into some form of Foiling.
Tide hits High at 14.56hrs on a 5.7m.
And that's it. I am rushing off to join a queue for the evening and then eventually stroll across dark and misty fields to find a Pub for Friday Night beer. May your weekend be just as you want it and please try not to be too smug if you own an Electric car.. oh go on then.
Vive la NHS!  (looks like staff at Brighton Hosp have had enough.. who can blame them).

PS. Sussex Yacht Club have a SUP event on tomo!!

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