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Latest News - 08/10/2021

The Weekend is Here.. and so were the Reps!

 Good'Gawd.. it's the Weekend already! Yes, that's another five days in Paradise done and once again the two days known as The Weekend beckons. What a week it was as well! (this bit is for non locals..) 
It started off being a little bit wet and windy  (had to drive to Yeovil Monday evening and the rain was epic) with the final blow of the storm front on Tuesday getting people out on the water for a last hoorah,  which was supposed to be followed by a forecast of fine and dry weather. Anybody who has been down at the coast knows that has not been the case and we have been living in Mizzle World for the past couple of days,  so it all went a bit gloomy. Thankfully Saturday is looking BRIGHT, fingers crossed we will have a UV recharge! So what else has been happening... 

Looks like a Great Brit is topping the WOO Jump chart.. Aaron Hadlow put in a 34.4m (112ft) jump in late September in N.V Mole- Denmark during a mere 50kts of wind  session.. that is pretty impressive but still slightly short of the 34.8m Record (held by two people I believe?). Question is are you allowed to be upside down at the highest point, as that could add a bit ? :)
We saw Nik Green from Mystic today..  the 2022 range has been refined to reflect the changes in fashion on the waterwear and technology on the hardware, with a major change to their harness range which is a new bar system (goodbye Clickerbars). Pricing wise there are the odd 'shockers' but on the whole they have worked hard to hold prices down with their top of the range Stealth Composite Harness staying at £444.00 with the spreader bar.
We also saw Jason Andrews from Da Kine. Now they are a company that have been through a lot of changes during the last year or so,  in terms of ownership and distributors. The new owners of the wind sports side of DaKine  (Surf, Winter and Lifestyle we believe is still under the Marquee Brands banner) are also the owners of Cabrinha (no longer part of the Pryde Group) , so they are dedicated to expanding the water sports range and bringing new products outside of the ' norm ' expected from DaKine in the near future. Our best selling DaKine harness over the years has been the Windsurfing sliding Bar T Series (voted the most used harness by the trade for many years|) which is now in its 9th generation . It is a hard back (composite) harness and at its previous price of £179.00 (set in 2018)  it was incredibly good value, so the 2022 price of £289.00 was, I guess, only to be expected. We hope to have the full size range back in the shop shortly and also a website from the new UK Distributor  that we can use for product promotion. 
It was good to be catching up with the Reps again, as it has been odd not seeing these guys due to dear old Covid .
So, the weekend weather!
Saturday we have SUN in the morning followed by cloudy patches in the afternoon. Temps are low as the wind is from the Nor'Nor'East at approx.7kts and a light wind.  Tide is High at 13.51hrs and is a biggy at 6.6m (really good tide for paddling around the Estuary ).
Sunday is a 'Sunny Intervals' day with the winds tracking round to a Nor'Nor' West Direction at 8kts.
Tide is High at 14.31hrs on a 6.4m (paddling again!).
Don't forget that the Tiree Wave Classic kicks off tomorrow and we wish Matt Cude (local board repairer and windsurfing coach) the best of luck in the competition (skill is required but luck with the waves plays a BIG part).
And that is it for this evening. We love you All and hope your weekend is a cracker.. live Life!

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