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Latest News - 22/10/2021

Weekends here.. Red is nearly here and Lucas does us proud!

Well it's Friday evening and after a week of what can only be called 'noticeable' weather, we are once more rushing into the Weekend! This particular one is looking to be quiet at the start and then getting going with increasing winds from the South, which happily will rid us of this COLD Northerly! For those who are not local to the area, the week started off very windy and wet, which built up to a crescendo on Wednesday evening with what I think could quite fairly be called a cloudburst, dropping more rain in 10 mins than I or my roof can ever remember (the water was coming off the roof so fast it was overshooting the gutters like a waterfall.. very pretty but slightly worrying, as the water level rose in the courtyard). There have been pictures on the web of streets flooded in Littlehampton and pretty much the whole of Sussex has suffered from flooding,  in one way or another. I guess it was similar event to the much larger version that hit Germany earlier this year but if this is a sign of how winter may go this year, SUP boards could become a household necessity! Talking of which..

 The UK's home grown Premier Inflatable SUP Company, the Red Paddle Co. are very close to launching their 2022 range. They promise that their latest creations will be worth the wait, with many changes to their current boards and new designs due to advances in SUP manufacturing technology. The original launch date was September but due to the ongoing Covid issues and shipping delays the stock due date got put back to late October. We are assured the boards will arrive shortly so the date is now set in stone for this coming Thursday 28th October. Pricing is of course up for 2022,  with approx. £100.00 added to the RRP but if you are interested in a 2021 10'8" Ride or a 11'3" Sport in the Ltd. Edition Purple, we do have a couple of boards available! Really looking forward to seeing the 2022 models arrive as we expect great things from a company that kicked off the whole inflatable SUP marketplace.   Just as a final note, surprise surprise, Red boards will be once again in short supply for the foreseeable future, so please give us a heads up if you are interested in a particular model, as per the 10'6" Ride!

Windsurfing.. Tiree produced another week of favourable weather for the wave sailing event (not perhaps as classic a Tiree as in previous years but enough to run a good comp and get results!) and we were very happy to  see that local Duotone / Fanatic rider, Lucas Meldrum,  picked up a 3rd in the Pro's. Phil Horrocks (Simmer)  came in 1st with Andy Chambers ( Goya) taking 2nd. It does seem funny how our area has produced good wave sailors over the years when we struggle to get good wave sailing conditions...something in the water perhaps? Our congratulations about a 1st next year?
(See below for a link to Windsurf Mags 'Lucas at Tiree' vid. )

 Right.. calling it a night just in case Facebook does not publish again! I lost three other posts in the week (sorry Laz.. hope you loved my board!!) so is it just us or is it Facebook..anybody else having issues? So what is the weather for this weekend...?

Saturday starts off with very light cyclonic winds but by midday they lock into the South and build in strength, peaking at 16kts by sunset (17.52hrs tomo.. dark by about 18.15hrs). Temp should be around 14°C and the Tide is High at 13.35hrs on a 6.1m, so a good River paddling day!

Sunday the winds are still coming from the South and should increase to 20kts by midday (Windguru shows the wind dropping off slightly during the afternoon.. could be to do with the High Tide..we will see). Winds will make River paddling great fun going inland but a real bugger paddling back South, so do think about that if you plan to use the High water during the afternoon (a River Downwinder!). Should still be quite warm at 14°C and the Tide is High at 13.57hrs on a 6m. No mention of rain on any forecast but maybe worth keeping your fingers crossed.

And that is that.. Enjoy Your Weekend and Play as hard as you can, as the days are about to get a lot shorter! 

Click Here for Lucas at Tiree 2021  

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