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Latest News - 19/11/2021

Friday and Tis the time to think about 'it'.. as well as the BF!

 Well here we all's Friday evening and another Weekend approaches and what is really scary is that there are only five of them left until... CHRISTMAS!  There, I have said it!
Not hard to miss 'it' at the moment,  as the Christmas illuminations are up in the towns, the shop shelves are already full of useless items that we would never wish to own but happily buy for others (which generally are in a landfill shortly thereafter.. why do we do it?)  and so many houses are already adorned with the twinkle of tiny LED's.. it is all so quaint I think I want to cry. But hey, that's just me! Lots of people LOVE the whole Christmas thing, so for now I will leave that there, except to say if you do like illuminations maybe take a look at Leonardslee Gardens (just pass Cowfold) as they illuminate the gardens for the pre-Christmas period (the Daughter says it's great). Click Here for Info on Leonardslee!

 Black Friday.. Aka 'Black 2 Week Extravaganza'. Yep, it's just around the corner and once again we are not sure why anyone is keen on giving away kit when it is still 'not easy' to get hold of.  As always we will be checking on the deals and within reason will be willing to match what we can see online, as we would rather sell to You, as and when we can. Taking a quick look today I have noticed that at last a few other water sports shops are saying they are also 'opting out' ! We, as a trade, are always pretty competitive on price and it seems wrong, particularly in 2021, to give away kit which companies and their work forces have been struggling to manufacture and which we have been struggling all year to get.. why would you do that? It's not that common a knowledge but the water sports industry were pretty much one of the first to go onto the internet, so maybe we can be first to buck an American sales trend that is not really applicable to our products.


I have been trying to post 'just in' products all week but all apart from the Starboard paddles the others have all just disappeared , which is REALLY annoying when it has taken a while to put together! So I am just going to mention the most important three considering the change in weather heading our way.

We have had a small amount of ION Claw gloves arrive, which are a great product for Kite, Wing and SUP! Price for 2022 is £42.95.  Best for Windsurf is the ION Open Palm Mitt but we are still awaiting delivery.

A top up of the Pro Limit Mercury 6/4mm wetsuits have arrived so we now have all sizes available. From £349.00

Mystic Wind Barrier .. A cagoule style of nylon jacket designed to be worn over your wetsuit to keep the wind chill from getting to you (it's all in the name). £69.95


The Weather.. it is changing to a COLDER period but to what degree it's pretty hard to be sure about at the moment. Some say it's SNOW up to our chins and others are saying a bit of a cold snap and then warming again (looks windy from the West next weekend). Think I will vote for the latter as not a freeze my butt off sort of person, unless snow sports are involved and that really is NOT good for business! So what are we getting for this coming weekend??

Saturday the winds are fairly light and generally from the Nor' West-West at 7kts. The air temp holds up at 12 degrees and it looks to be an overcast day. Tide hits High at 11.38hrs on a 6.1m (good for estuary paddling). No rain as far as we can see!

Sunday sees the strong Northerly winds arrive and that sadly means a falling air temp which is given as 8 degrees best but with the wind chill, it is likely to feel a lot less. Tide hits High at exactly the same time as Saturday but it's a 6.0m.  

And that is that for this week. Enjoy the 'heat' while it lasts and keep warm and snuggly

when it's stay healthy, not wealthy (due to the cost of  gas and leccy!) but wise!



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