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Latest News - 26/11/2021

Last weekend of November and it's all about the Chiilin..

 It's Friday evening and I want to paint it Black!
Oh yes, we are in the late November period of Retailer and Consumer Madness but at least it does herald in something that we do all love.. it's the Weekend!
And a wintery one it is looking to be but more about that later. Before I get stuck into this Friday evening post we need to send out a message to Simon Bornhoft as we have just heard he is currently in hospital due to an illness. GET WELL SOON SIMON.. we all need you! In case you don't know, Simon is a world renowned Windsurf Trainer come Guru, who has been around since the sport kicked off. 

Earlier today I posted our pricing for iSUP boards as they seem to be the main hitting point of the BF pandemic but if there's something else you have found on line at a knocked down price and are about to hit the 'Buy it Now',  please do give us the opportunity to supply if we can. Every little bit helps! 
New arrivals that may be of interest.. from Mystic we have their Impact Cap, which is an EVA shell with a neoprene internal. A good option if you are not keen to have a proper hard shell and will of course help keep your head warm,  now that the winds are 'cutting'.  Two sizes S/M and L/XL with an RRP of £29.95. Also now in,  is their 2mm Star Sweat, which to me is a Neoprene Hoody. The Sweat  is designed to be worn over a wetsuit to add another couple of mill of insulation and  has a hook slit allowing for a harness to be worn beneath it, as some do. Small or Medium sizes at the moment and they sell for £109.00.
Used arrivals... a Naish Hover 95lt Wingboard S26 in Carbon Ultra. It's in mint condition so 'first to see may buy', as priced at £895.00 (they do not come with straps, just so you know).
 We also have a used 2021 Ladies 5/3mm Front Zip Fire wetsuit in a size 40 (UK 12 Medium)  from Pro Limit, which when new had an RRP of  £219.00. The condition is really good apart from the pink striping has split in a few places, which is not structural and not unusual, so the price is £125.00 ono.
So moving on swiftly to this weekend's weather and as I said earlier, tis looking very chilly.
Saturday we are told to expect strong winds from the Nor'West but there is a difference of opinion on the wind strength and timing. Windguru say 23kts gusting 35kts during the day but could hit 40kts early evening. The BBC say 40 kts plus from 6am through to approx. 4pm when it will drop back. Both however do agree on a temp of approx. 4 degrees, before wind chill, with a dowsing of rain and sleet for the coast. Over on the North side of the Downs it's snow, so not really a day for a paddle up a river unless you have the kit to deal with it (3mm wetsuits etc. may seem OK when you fall in but when you get back on board  it won't be long before the shivering starts.)  
 If they are right about the 'snow' then being this side of the Downs could be favourable. Tide hits High at 16.01hrs on a 4.8m.
Sunday the Nor'West winds continue but at a slightly slower 18-28kts on Windguru and then an even slower 9kts on the Beeb. No sleet or snow though but the temp is colder at 3 degrees, less wind chill!
 Tide is High at 17.39hrs on a 4.8m. Anyone for a skinny dip (I was going to say Hats Off to the swimmers that go in everyday whatever the weather.. think they may want to keep their Hats On!)?
And that is it. Please stay warm and safe if you do venture out this weekend, as it really is not one for those who are less than 'skilled' at their sport. The cold saps your strength quicker than anything and frozen hands are 'deadly'.
Please take care, do have fun, please buy from us and Vive la NHS!
Get well NOW Simon!!.

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