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Latest News - 06/05/2022

Oh heck.. MORE.. Element LJ are in.. Used Kit and all is well?

Tis Friday night and there is wind about, so this is going to be really QUICK!

Yes, we are once again at the dawning of the weekend and I wonder what the heck we will be getting weatherwise this time. Quite honestly I am getting a phobia about mentioning the weather as it would seem that what ever I say the forecast is, by the next day it has changed.
Is it just me or does anyone get a feeling that they give you a ‘Happy Weather’ outlook nowadays in case the truth might upset someone…would they do that? More about the weather later but talking of more...
More kit has rocked up and with the deliveries this week came the 2022 ION Element Long John. If you are looking for a reasonably priced wetsuit for your SUP board then look no further as these are great value at £109.00. They may not look like something you may want to wear but for ‘dry’ paddling they are the best. When I say ‘dry' I mean if you intend to go distance paddling and not falling off, so you will stay dry and as the Long John wetsuit offers no restriction around your arms, it is so much better than having a suit which you have to ‘move’ which of course wastes energy and is likey to RUB you up the wrong way! If you fall off it is likely to be a dunk up to your waist and the suit will keep you warm enough (add layers under a windcheater if cold).  When you are paddling in the surf then you are likely to get wet, which at this time of year you would benefit from a full wetsuit and as the water temp improves (still 11°C) and as the water comes up you could wear a shorty, which would suffice.  We currently have all sizes of the Element LJ available from Small to XXl, so do not delay, as they will GO and it's unlikely we will be able to get more! 
Used kit wise we have a Duotone Superstar 5.7m 2021 in Red, used once and up for grabs at £475.00!
No pics as yet but just ask if it’s of interest. 
As the weather is improving (oh no.. should not have mentioned it!!)  it is probabaly worth reminding peops that we do have a used windsurfing Newcomers board in stock,  which is a Starboard Rio Small 175lt with daggerboard. It’s up at £595.00, which might seem a lot but it’s in pretty good nick and boards of this type are rare beasts nowadays, as not many have been made in recent times. You can learn the trade on these size of boards and if you ride it until it can offer you no more, you can move straight onto a wave board! There will be also be a Fanatic Viper coming in which I think has it’s original Fanatic Rig.. price is going to be around £700.00 complete but will confirm as soon it is here.
The poor old economy seems to be set to get a damn good rogering (who is it that decides when we have to have recessions??) and those friggin ‘bills of necessity’ are rising quicker than the dough in a bread machine, so if you are looking at cutting back on the holidays and thinking ‘there is nowhere like home’, come talk to us as we have plenty of reasonably priced Toys to keep you smiling all year round. Talking of smiling , what about the weekends weather… 
Its’s hard to believe that we are into another weekend of cyclonic winds and especially after a week where we have ‘enjoyed’ Sou’ West winds once again, especially for some, on a Friday. Not even sure if this weekends winds will keep Paul Wallis of Seaford happy (sure you will let me know Paul!) but we will see.
So, Saturday, Winds are light and cyclonic (start of Sou’West and move through the North to Sou’East by evening 8-11kts). Possible rain around mid afternoon which means the BOOT SALE on the Adur Recreation ground should be OK. Tide hits High at 14.55hrs on a 5.1m, River SUP should be OK but could be a bit shallow in places. 
Sunday the winds kick off from the Nor’East and will back to Sou’East during the day, 9-14kts (might keep Paul happy..). Weather looks dry and a High of 15°C. High Tide is at 15.54hrs on a small 4.8m Neap tide.
And that is that. DO NOT HOLD me responsible if we have snow tomorrow or a storm on Sunday.. please. Do enjoy your weekend and let’s hope that things improve for many people in this World, who are not as lucky as we are. 
All the Best!
PS. Any typo or spelling mistakes please forgive.. spell check has failed!!

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