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Latest News - 27/05/2022

7 Days, New Stock, Used Viper and Thank you your Majesty!

 Yes, it really has been 7 days since the last weekly edition of Surfladle News and Views, which can only mean that I don’t post enough on Facebook or..  it’s the Weekend! 

Not only a weekend but the start of the Half Term Hols for those with school attending children or those who are school attending adults. All I can say is Lucky You and hope everyone who does go away has a great break! Seems a bit of a shame to have the Queens Jubilee come up in a Half Term but I guess they have to stick to the actual date, and I for one am not going to moan about a Monarch when at least she has arranged a ‘long weekend’ for everyone in the UK (but not including us). Long Live the Queen! And we live too, as Facebook have closed an account but luckily it seems to be the ‘holding account’ that the Surfladle page was set up on, which means the actual page has survived. Very nice to have had a bit of Facebook luck for once! 
Talking of luck, we wanted a bit of wind and we got it during the last 5 days. Great to see a bit of life again in the wind sports community and it has definitely got the ‘bug’ back into many who were beginning to wonder if ‘fun’ would ever be had again. I do feel sorry for all of those who missed out though (working week etc) as once again there is nothing much doing for the Weekend or for the foreseeable future, if the forecasts are right. I really do hope they are wrong, as the current shows rain on Thursday for our area and Windguru predicts a pretty chilly week with Temps at around 15°C degrees best (Met says 18°C). Not what we really need for a Holiday week or for the start of the mid-summer month. let’s hope the weather does better! 
New in this week.. loads of stuff!! We now have good stock of Junior 3mm Full wetsuits from Sola at £53.50 and their Junior Shortie wetsuits at £41.50.  For the smaller kids we have TWF shorties which start at £24.00. Good stock of Zip boots and Junior shoes plus Buoyancy aids and Life Jackets for young children but please beware that we are unlikely to get top ups during the next few months so this could be ‘it’ for 2022 (production has already switched to winter wear and for the Southern Hemispheres coming summer season).
Mystics new X rated Kite waist harness has arrived. The Warrior X features a plastic composite Honeycomb back panel which is there to offer better back support and to help keep the harness in place (helps prevent rise up). As with all harnesses this year the price is up and for the body alone it’s £189.00, so add another £99.00 for the Assault Spreader bar. We will apply a 10% locals discount if you come to the shop to purchase the complete harness!
If anyone is thinking of taking up Windsurfing then we have a used starter pack available! It’s a Fanatic Viper 70 from 2010 (in VGC, one small repair carried out by myself) which is a good size to progress with at 150lts (270 x 70cm) and it comes complete with the Fanatic Ride 5.5m to get the ball rolling. The board also has the sports pack which Fanatic made to enable the removal of the daggerboard (a foam flusher fits in where the daggerboard sits) to drop the 1.5kg weight of the dagger and make it sail more like a Freeride board. We are selling this on for the owner who is looking to get £725.00, which we don’t think is fair considering the cost of a new package and as this board and rig are in VGC. Come and take a look if you have a mo. 
The Naish Assault 2021 105 should really be going to a new home by now, as it is in really nice condition (has a few gel coat chips) and is such a lightweight board. If I get the opportunity, I will take it for a ‘test’, as it is one of those boards that when you pick it up you can’t help but ‘wonder’ just how light it will feel on the water. Price is a paltry £950.00, when compared to £2499.00 if you would like this year’s version! Form a queue please.. 
SUP boards.. nothing used at the moment other than the 2020 JP 10’ x 29” 145lt Longboard but we still have great prices on previous years Inflatables and can Demo most sizes of boards if you want to check that the size and style is what you require. Prices start from £324.00 for a 2021 Gladiator Light 10’4”!  Plenty of Options on leashes now, with waist leash conversion belts starting at £12.99
Don’t forget to have a chat with us if you are looking into Wing or SUP foiling, as we do have a few used foils, as well as ‘well priced’ new options including complete packages in stock, all ready to go.
Talking of Ready to Go.. time for the Weekend weather and tides.
Saturday, we have a moderate Northerly 10-15kts until around mid-afternoon, when we get a switch to a lighter Southerly 6-9kts. Dry and High Tide is at 10.59hrs on a 5.7m (up early for River paddling).
Sunday is a re run of Saturday morning and it will stay from the North all day. Dry again and the High is at 11.40hrs on a 5.8m, so have a lay in before getting the SUP out onto the Adur for a headwind paddle up to the Kings Head at Upper Beeding for Sunday Lunch!
And that’s it. Have a great weekend You lucky people.

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