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Latest News - 01/06/2022

70 Years of Reign (not rain!) and we are here to celebrate plus Used and New KIT!

 It might be Wednesday but this week it’s Friday, as thanks to the Queen a lot of you will be starting a Long Weekend! Yep, the Queens 70th year on the Throne is being celebrated tomorrow and what a reign it has been. I bet she would not have believed what the World was going to throw at her, when she ‘signed up’ back in 1952. I really don’t think anyone could have made a better job of it though, so the Lady has my deepest respect. But here is the really good news.. we are OPEN for both the Thursday and the Friday.. there is no rest for the MegaStore!

 Few things to mention before we get to the ever-important Weekends Weather and Tides..

If you want to view one of the 3000 Beacons being lit at 9.45pm tomorrow evening to commemorate the Platinum Jubilee , you will have to go West to Worthing but you may see it from Shoreham.

There are a lot of things going on over the four days of this holiday weekend. Just as a matter of note for locals, Steyning will be hosting it’s own mini Festival, as well as the Big Church get together going on at Wiston House just up the road (on for the four days) which should be interesting, as on the Saturday night you will have  DJ breakdance music in Steyning and the gospel going on at Wiston. That is what you call ‘competing’ on a Saturday Night!

We have not been informed of any Water Events taking place but I’m sure everyone will find plenty to do, so I will leave you to hunt out your own entertainment!

 Windsurfing has been back on the radar during the last couple of weeks so a perfect time to mention that we now have a Used RRD Freestyle Wave 90lt 2021 Y26 in LTE construction now available. The board is in VGC but does have a few marks on the underside (which have been touched in) but all just cosmetic and the owner is looking for a reasonable £1195.00 (these boards are £1949.00 new). Ask if you want info on this board.

 Also just arrived a couple of NEW Starboard Kodes. We have a 95 and the 105 (as per the pics) and both are in the lightweight Carbon construction. If they ride as good as they look, which they should as Kodes have always suited our area) then they are a winner. Here is the bad bit.. only £2199.00 of your hard earned money but what price do you put on fun nowadays? RSVP.


We have plenty of choice regarding SUP kit (as you will know if you have dropped by, the window display is now a huge pile of boxes.. aaghh!)  but rarely do we see good Used carbon paddles, so here is a something that might interest you as we now have two. We have an adj. Chinook Oval shaft paddle which weighs .61kg, in VGC and is up at £120.00 or you can have an adj. RRD Dynamic 70 (weight is ‘light’ as not weighed it yet but can do if you need to know) also in GC and up at £100.00. Light paddles make paddling so much more fun!


OK, lets do the long weekends weather and tides (boy do I go on…)

Thursday is looking the best for Sun with a gentle 12kt Sou Easterly breeze and a top temp of around 17°C.. all being well! Tide is High at 13.54hrs on a 5.8m so a good river paddling day.

Friday should also be dry but maybe not as war as the breeze increases during the day and turns to a more Nor East direction, hitting 20 kts during the evening. Tide is High at 14.26hrs on a 5.6m.

Now it gets a bit ropey as Saturdays current forecast is rain during the morning but it should have wind from the East / Nor East running at 20kts.. sadly that drops the minute the rain stops but keep an eye on it as this could of course change. Temp is OK though as 17°C in the afternoon.

Sunday, at the moment, is not worth mentioning and all I can say is I hope they are wrong, as it is a pretty awful way to wind up the half term week and the Jubilee festivities..

The Tide will be High at 15.38hrs on a 5.3m.


And that is it for this week. We are open both days but I am not sure of the times as James was bit vague when I asked on Monday evening. We ‘should and will be open’ 10am until 4.00pm both days

But worth calling if you are running late as we could be here at 9.30am and still here at 5.30pm!


Have a great time everyone, whatever you get up to!

 (You can see larger and more pics on our facebook page or just email and we will forward ).

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