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Latest News - 17/06/2022

Friday Night and the Summer is here, as is a Lite Tech, and Red go Mad!?

 It’s Friday evening and this week’s blog is ultra-short as I am sure you won’t be sitting in doors reading and I don’t want to be in here missing ‘Summer’ writing, but however long or short, it’s still The Weekend! And it may have fun for SUP, Beach lovers in general and then a burst of wind that Wingers’on’foils may enjoy.

Red Paddle have broken ranks and have for the first time ever put a Freebee Offer together. The offer is available with any board from their range purchased during June and July. And the offer is? You will get free of charge their rather nice Deck bag and their sturdy Water Bottle, which have a combined value of £146.00... not bad eh!
The deck bag is waterproof, so safe stowage for the valuables that must not get wet and the stainless-steel drinks bottle is fully insulated to keep the drink inside hot or cold. That was the good news... the bad is we won’t get packs until next week but any purchase this weekend will qualify. 
Wing boards are popular so I just thought I would mention that we have a 2022 Starboard Lite Tech 5’2” x 30” turn up (we order ages in advance to get these). These are rated as being one of the cheapest but well-constructed wing boards on the market and £859.00 is all they are. Worth a looksee if you are looking into Wing sports (we had a used package arrive today, consisting of a as new Fanatic Sky board with ION bag, waist leash plus an Ensis 5.2m Score Wing and a 2000 GA foil all for £1795.00.. went before I could get it onto the web).
As I said this is short so what’s happening with the weekends weather??
Saturday, we see light winds from the Eastern sector until approx. 4pm when it is then expected to swing to the North and pick up to 18kts, with gusts expected to reach 30kts during the late evening!
Tide is High at15.12hrs on a 6.1m so should be a perfect day for River Cruising or a play out on the sea as the temps are holding around 22°C . Please do watch out for strong OFFSHORE winds in the evening... do not lose anyone on your SUP.
Sunday, we have the end of whatever it was that brought the stronger winds overnight so 12 -18kts Nor ‘East during the morning with a chance of a rain shower around 9am. The winds stay from the Nor’East and slowly decrease during the afternoon but around 5pm the winds switch to the East but remain light. Could be another good River paddling day but you will have a headwind when you are heading inland (the effort could be worth it for the relaxing ride back...).
Tide hits High at 16.06hrs on a 6m.
And that is it apart from to sadly say that next Tuesday is The Longest Day… how the heck did we get to Midsummers so quickly? Have a great weekend!!

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