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Product Information

2021 ProLimit STX Mini Kids - Power Junior Rigs and Evolve Adult Rigs

Year: 2021
Junior and Youth Complete Rig.
Mini Kid Rig
Monofilm Sail with 2 battens. Alluminium 2 part Mast. Clamp Boom.
Mastcup adaptor to fit an SDM mast cup. Uphaul and ropes. Carry Bag.
1.0m £169.00 sold out
1.5m £179.00 
2.0m £189.00 sold out
2.5m £195.00 
3.0m £199.00 sold out

Power Kid Rig
Monofilm and X ply Sail with 3 battens. Epoxy RDM 2 part mast with RDM mast cup. Adj. length Clamp Boom. Uphaul and ropes. Carry Bag.

2.4m £229.00 sold out
2.8m £239.00
3.2m £249.00
3.6m £259.00 
4.0m £269.00
4.4m £279.00

Power rig with Dacron Sail

2.4m - 6.0m from £279
Evolve Adult Rig. (pics at the very end!)
STX’s Evolve rig is “one bag” rig for traveling and convenient, easy storage. Designed for SUP Sailing. The 5-piece mast and fully collapsible 6 pcs boom (162-222cm adj. range) all fit into a compact bag. The backpack fits in any car trunk. Superior performance and durability comes from intelligent use of material our unique rigging parts.
Available sizes:

4.9sq.m £649.00
6.0sq.m £699.00

The lowest priced junior/ youth rig currently available as far as we know! The Mini Kid and Power Kid offer super lightweight rigs for little sailors to start with and then Power Rigs are slightly heavier and tougher to put up with the Kids at Play!

There are also now Dacron Sail Rigs which are tougher than monofilm and will give slightly more power but do get heavier when wet as they hold water on the material finish. The larger Dacron sails (5m to 6m) are 4 battens and are designed for youths who want more power but still find adult rigs very heavy. They also work well for ladies who are entering the sport and do not need putting off by trying to uphaul a heavy rig! 

Pictures of the Rig versions are at the bottom which show the panel layout but colours of sails etc. can alter so please ask if you are concerned about colours!. 

Now for the local'ish  History of the Pro Limit Kids Rig.

Pictures 2-4-5-6 are the 2010 Mini Kids Rig (courtesy of Darren Y. ) being used on a Turf Dog.

Pictures 1-3-8 are the 2011/12  version being used by Charlotte and her brother Matthew in Shoreham Estuary (*where windsurfing is forbidden Ian!! he he..).

Pictures 9 to 12 are of Jack Manson with his father, Dave, sailing at Piddinghoe Lake near Seaford (you can read more about this location by Clicking Here).

The Power Kids Rig has a tougher constructed sail and a glass fibre reduced diameter mast.
Pictures 13 to15 are of Brad Holmes using his 3.6m Power Rig off of Hove on his Dad's Starboard SUP and Fanatic Shark..

Picture16 is of James Methold using his 3.5m Rig off of Shoreham on a perfect day.. sunny and wind!! Many thanks to his Dad (Phil) for swimming out to take the pics!  :)
Pics 17 and 18 are all the way from Australia (we send these rigs everywhere..) are Abbie and Josh Furniss having their first attempts at sailing. It's nice to see that Josh has got his Dad's style.. :)  sorry, could'nt resist that one Vaughan! 

Next up (pic 20) using a 2015 Kids Rig is Lola Blackburn sailing at Piddinghoe Lake near Seaford. More pics will follow shortly as she now has a 3.6m Power Kids Rig as well!  (pics courtesy of her main Sponsor.. and Father.. Nick Blackburn).

Last in the line (pic 21 and 22) is Louis Tyszkiewicz sailing a 3.6m Power Kid rig at Fairbourne Beach, North Wales. He is using it on an RRD Inflatable Wind SUP which is a great combination for learning to sail on and as a general bit of kit for beach fun!
Thanks to his father (Richard) for sending the pics in. I spent a lot of my childhood on that beach and had forgotten how pretty a place it is!


So, the summary is that both of these rigs are excellent value for money.. and the youngsters love using them!

* Note. Ian replied re. sailing in the estuary.. he said that he had the board on a 15m tether, so that either son or daughter can be retrieved in the wink of an eye if need be.


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