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Product Information

Surfladle Hi Fly Ride 5.5m & 5.7m

Lightweight Construction sail designed
for use with a Windsurfer or SUP
5.5m - 5.7m
448cm - 441cm
Boom. 175cm - 181cm
Mast. 430 or 460cm IMCS 21-25 
Sail Colour. 5.5m Yellow -  5.7m Orange 

Rig Pack with 145cm boom / 430cm Mast £295.00

Rig Pack with 160cm boom / 460cm Mast £309.00

The  Hi-Fly Ride Rig Pack sail  (allegedly made by North Sails) was the companys best quality rig pack sail until they ceased production . It is light enough to make uphauling easy but has tough enough lower panels to take the occasional impact from the owner. It rigs on either a 430 or 460cm SDM / RDM mast and is a bargain at £99.00! 


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