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Product Information

2015 Oceanus Eel Reel QR Reinforced Version

Year: 2015
Quick Release Kitesurfing retractable Leash.
Reinforced version for better board security in severe kitesurfing conditons or if using large / heavier boards.
Attaches to the harness with a QR Buckle.
Supplied with a rope leash rather than the shock cord type shown. See also Oceanus Eel Reel Spare Parts

Probably the most popular style of kiteboard leash on the market. This reinforced version has a thick perspex back plate with a supporting metal eye that fits around the leash exit point of the unit. We all know the issues wiith leashes but it might be worth reading the last few paragraphs below..quite interesting!
This is what Oceanus have to say...

The Oceanus REEL Reinforced is our most durable, reliable, longest lasting unit to date. We highly recommend this Heavy Duty model to all kiters! This is the model we suggest be used anywhere board loss is a factor such as the open ocean, or rivers with strong current.

Over the years we have received many glowing reviews and endorsements from all ability levels in regards to our Kiteboarding REELs, from those new to the sport, to the IKO Master Examiner for North America.  Though we have had them, we haven’t used endorsements, until now! 


Recently I had an interesting conversation with Mike Doyle.  For those of you who may not know who he is you can check him out at  To surfers and paddle boarders he is a “Living Legend”. 


While talking with Mike, he wanted to share a story with me about a friend that decided she wanted to learn how to Kite.  She went to a kite school in La Ventana, Baja Mexico.  After spending $10,000 on lessons she found herself sitting on the beach in Baja, unable to kiteboard. She turned to her friend Mike for help, as he had been kiting for six years.  Over the course of a week, Mike helped and retrained her using the REEL.  From that point on she was up, riding and having a blast!


These same people in La Ventana (as I’ve known also in many other locations) have been putting out misinformation about (REEL) board leashes for years in order to facilitate the sale of more lessons.  As Mike Doyle put it to me “They’re putting out misinformation just to sell more lessons and it doesn’t even pertain to the REEL leash.  The “surf leash” owns that history.


“The REEL is the best money someone new to kiting could ever spend.  They are the best thing out there. They’re GREAT…same thing for intermediates. Even some pros may find a REEL to their benefit, depending on the circumstances and what they’re trying to do out there.”

Mike Doyle

July 22, 2014


Mike Doyle got his REEL when he first started kiting six years ago.  His wife Annie uses her REEL when kiting. In fact she said she would not go out without it!

 Mike has given us permission to use anything he says. So if you feel that all or part of this is of value to use , please feel free to do so.

  Mike Shoemaker

Mike Shoemaker, CEO

Inventor of the REEL

Oceanus Technologies, Inc.


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