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All Used Sails (not yet shown on the site)

Due to a lack of time and the wind getting up every time we try to take pictures.. we have listed below Used sails that are in stock but not yet shown on the site. 

We will move them to the site as soon as we can, so do check the main listing, just in case you were watching and think it has been sold!
Please Call us on 01273 465366 or Enquire if you would like more info on any of the below .

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Not all of the sails have images so Please do call us or Enquire if you would like them emailed.

Also see our New Sails on Sale list as some are very Cheap!
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Duotone Super Star 5.7m 2021 Red Used Once! £475.00

Ezzy Wave Mk1 4.2m 2020 VGC! £350.00
(Image 8 / 9 )

Ezzy Taka 4.9m GC (JC 13)  £195.00

Ezzy Wave SE 5.5m GC £125.00

Goya Banzai X 2021 6.3m VGC £415.00
As per images 1-4 

Naish Boxer 2014 5.4m GC (SA12) £110.00
Green /Yellow

Naish Chopper 2013 XL-5.5m GC (SA12) £85.00) 
Green / Yellow. Window slightly opacque.

Naish Force 4 S25 2021 3.4m (SA12) £410.00
Teal Blue and as new! Image 5

Naish Force 4 S25 2021 3.7m (SA12) £410.00
White and in almost as new con. Image 6

Naish Force 4 S25 2021 5.3m (SA12) £435.00

 Teal Blue and again.. VGC! Image 7

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