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Product Information

2020 RRD Pocket Rocket 122 E-Tech / Ltd

Year: 2020
Compact Windsurf / Wing Foil bard

Weight: E-Tech 9.5kg Ltd. 9kg 
Length: 180cm
Width: 76cm
Construction: E Tech or Ltd (see RRD website for info)
Fin Boxes: Tuttle box and US foil boxes.
NOTE! No fin, footstraps or foil supplied.
Sail Size:  3 - 7m
SUP style handle on the deck and bottom of the board.
Bag.. not yet from RRD  (due March 2020 £137.00 ) but Whasup have made a bag (as in the pic) so contact them if you need one!
Click Here for Windsurf Test

Click Here for RRD Info

E-Tech RRP £1334.00
Ltd RRP £1957.00


This is one of those boards that when you first see it you sort of go hmmmm.
The Pocket claims to be a board that offers so many scopes for foil use. The design brief says Windsurf, Wing and SUP..  you will be amazed that such a short board can offer so many options. 
One of our customers, Graham Highsted, has used his with great results both as a windsurfer and as a wing foil board, so we know it does do two of the three they say it will.
 It is so short that you do wonder if it is a board you could learn to foil on but RRD say yes, so I guess it can be entertained as a first time foil board purchase.
The Pocket  has been designed around the high aspect winged RRD foils but it has also been used with a low aspect early lift Slingshot foil so no worries about specific foils either.
With the built in deck and underside handles combined with its short length this is one of the easiest foil boards to launch / retrieve , so that in itself is a plus in our location. 
Time to do a bit of homework if you are interested. The link to the Windsurf Test is a good place to start.


Enquire about this product Visit manufacturer website

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