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Product Information

2013/14 North SHOX.XTR 42cm RDM Extension

Year: 2013/14
Shock Absorbing Alluminium mast extension.
Compatable with 2014 Mk2 bases.
RDM version 6-42cm Adj. range.
Two settings for absorption, in choppy or rough water.
Sprung collar extension height adjustment.
Loop and Go with ratcheting pulley for downhaul tensioning and release.
Note. This extension can only be used with the North Shox starplate base, due to the connection system. Click Here for Base

Expensive it is..but at what price does a good ride come! Anyhow, at last we have achieved a certain amount of sprung weight on a windsurfer. The best way to describe the effect of having an effecient shock absorber between the rig and the board is to liken it to the difference between driving a car with balanced wheels against a car with unbalanced ones.. now perhaps you understand why so many sailors who have tested this device have been so excited about it!  An edited version of North's own write up is below or Click Here to read a report from one of our customers.

The advantages of the new SHOX.XTR are applicable for any range of use within all disciplines of windsurfing: Be it competing in speed or racing events, or just freeriding, with the SHOX.XTR you can at last run a dead downwind course without the fear of loss of fin grip or control problems. It makes any rider 1-2 knots faster, immediately.
In the waves, the SHOX.XTR dampens landings (even bad ones!) and delivers a new level of board control when going down-the-line, especially in choppy conditions.
If you are Freestyling it adds pop to the take off and in addition, it dampens/smoothes out the impact and loss of rail grip on landings.

Thanks to the two position shock absorption adjuster the travel can be varied between 60 and 80mm, with short travel for normal sailing and longer travel for tougher conditions.

The SHOX.XTR design has integrated the POWER.XTR ratchet mechanism for quick on the water downhaul adjustment and best of all.. all of this has been achieved with only *100g of additional weight compared to a standard Power.XT extension!

SHOX.XTR – get ready for an unprecedented riding sensation.


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