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Prosport Sun Screen

No longer available.
Now sold under original manufacturers name SolRX
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Hi All. Quite an Important message as there is a Product Recall now in place for Prosport Sunscreen SPF 35 and SPF44 supplied after August 2015. Please note that the SPF 15 is not affected by this recall.

The official recall is as below but please check the batch number if you have any Solrx Prosport in 35 or 44 factors. The batch number can be found at the crimped end of the tube (expiry date on one side and the batch number on the other) and if you have a 35 with 17H15 or a 44 with 16H15 please return it to your supplier. I say supplier just in case it was not from us, as we cannot cover any other retail outlets returns.
Our sincere apologies as this product has been brilliant over the years and has been trusted by so many people, which is the very reason that the UK Importer has decided to recall even though there could be just a few faulty tubes.
We have decided to recall the above batches of Solrx Prosport sunscreen delivered into the UK August 2015. (This does not affect any other Solrx Prosport products delivered prior to that date or SPF15).
The product recall is based on some inconsistencies in the performance of this manufacturing batch and does not affect every tube of the batch, however, out of an abundance of caution it is our decision to recall the batches concerned.
If you have purchased a Solrx Prosport sunscreen with SPF44 (NO: 16H15) or SPF35 (NO: 17H15) – please return this product to the store originally purchased from for a refund.
We are investigating the cause of the problem and hope to have a new batch of product soon.

Please Note that Factor 15 was not effected but no new stock available (expiry dates are marked on the crimped end of the tube).

Watersports essential Sun Screen.
Protects against UVA and UVB
One application lasts up to 8 hours.
Prosport has a new improved formula which includes
parosol 1789 and a new UVA filter
Factor 15
6oz. 180ml
Container size 16x6cm

Prosport sunscreen is a product developed in the USA. It is a certified one application 8 hour sun screen formula which goes on like a moisturiser and dries within minutes. It is non greasy (no problem with slippery hands or feet!), very kind to the skin (allergy tested), sweat proof, waterproof and therefore perfect for wind, kite and any form of surfing. It is also suitable for use in sports which usually take place in dry conditions such as cycling, running, fishing and for everyday use to protect children and the family from harmful UV rays.


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