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Product Information

2020 Severne Dyno Freewave

Year: 2020
Compact Shape Freewave Board

Board Volumes:
 85 - 95 - 105 - 115lt
Weight: 6.3 - 6.5 - 6.8 - 7.2kg
Length: 225 - 226 - 228 - 229cm
Width: 57.5 - 59.5 - 62 - 64.5cm
Construction: Compression Moulded Technology
Fins: G10 for 2020. Centre. 20 - 20 - 22 - 24cm Powerbox
Sides. 12.5cm Slot Box Plus
Boards are supplied as Tri Fins (blanking plates for SB included) but these are the suggested Single Fin sizes for freeride use,
28 - 32 - 36 - 40cm
Sail Size: 4.5-7.5m (see specific board 'range' by clicking below link)
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Price £
85lt    £1849.00
95lt    £1899.00
105lt  £1925.00
115lt  £1949.00


The Dyno locally was the most talked about Freewave of 2018/9 and  for all of the right reasons! When you first see the boards deck outline and underside shape it does strike you as being something that is different The double concave and rocker line (there is a lot going on with the underside shape of these boards) suggests that the boards will perform well in choppy conditions and do they.. the wind range is amazing with riders of 80kg using there 95lt Dynos for 6.5m summer sailing but also in 4.7m weather.. and in control ! The latest models are from the Cobra factory and come with G10 fins. The boards were being manufactured in a Chinese Factory (finish was exceptional) but for whatever reason they have now moved across to the renowned Cobra Factory in Thailand who manufacture 90% of all windsurf boards.
Now here is the crunch.. Severne boards are always in short supply so please CALL us if you are interested and we will check the next availability.
Severne say..... 
Based on the Nano waveboard, the Dyno brings compact efficiency to the free-wave arena.  Narrower, parallel rails and reduced lengths electrify your riding experience in real world conditions.
Faster rocker lines and increased volume under foot make the Dyno super early planing and keep it charging through gusts and lulls.
The compact size enables real use of all that speed - the Dyno is more than just capable in the air, it is a jumping machine.  Aerial rotations, freestyle moves and straight up rocket air on demand.
Parallel rails are very effective at reducing drag and increasing speed, so it allows the addition of some manoeuvre enhancing tail kick.  This makes the Dyno much more than just a bump & jump blasting board - it can drive through
Fins shown are the Polyester version which is being replaced for 2020 with G10 fins!


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