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Product Information

AHD Summerboard Wind-Surfer/SUP

Volume: 152ltrs
Weight: 10.5kg
Length: 8'11" (274cm)
Width: 75.6cm. 75cm One Foot off tail.
Construction: Sandwich monocoque construction
Fin: 2 x 19.5cm US fin box
Suggested sail size: 2.5-8.0m

Colours of deck pads may well be different to that shown as they change on a regular basis.

Note. There are No Footstraps on this board and no fittings for them!

The board to bring new windsurfers (and SUP) and their families back to the beaches on lightwind summer days! AHDs own description is as below...

A long long time ago (3 years?), long before the WUP (windsurf-standup) took off, we had introduced our concept shape #2, the Summer Board, then a 12' hybrid sailboard offering both leisure sailing and paddling capabilities.Since then practices and shapes have quickly evolved.

The AHD Sealion exploded the box of conformism, with a totally different shape and a very wide range of performances.Today AHD is finally able to re-open the door to beginners, and families, reintroducing casual stand-up sailing and paddling on lakes and off beaches.
Welcome the Summer Board!

Here is at last a very refined board, the result of a several years of development, an easy and friendly, learning, cruising, surfing, sailing and paddling tool.

A 9' (274 cm) "retro fish" shape, the A-H-D Summer Board features a 152 litres volume on a 75.6 cm max-width making it a very compact board.
As with the Sealion the underwater shape is veed along the full length.
We have also kept the twin-fins set up which has proved so successful in low wind ranges.
To make it easier for beginners, we have offered the opportunity to fit a large fin, as a centreboard, in a Powerbox located just aft of the mast-step.
Voluminous rails ensure good performance in the surfs and a great stability.
A rather curved scoop-line allows a soft glide both when cruising and surfing.

On the water.
The A-H-D Summer Board is an easy board, offering fun in many disciplines, for any size surfers, whatever their experience is!
Fitted with a central centreboard, this board can very well climb upwind while being very stable.
It is the board of choice for gentle light-weather cruising, or just to learn windsurfing.
In the waves, with or without sails, it's just a cool board, on which you may surf all types of waves without any need for too radical or too technical actions.
It's easy, stable, and forgiving.
Larger surfers will finally have found the board they needed to join the fray on very light winds days.
More than ever, windsurfing is back on sunny and light-wind summer days and it'sfor anybody!
The AHD Summer Board, an in any wind Windsurfer, for all of you !


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