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Product Information

Tear-Aid Tear-Aid Repair Patch

Type A Waterproof self adhesive repair patch suitable for use on most materials including metal, canvas, polyester,  glassfiber, vinyls (Kite Bladders) etc..
The kit comes with 1 x 30x8cm strip of the repair material (cut to size of patch required), 45cm of a plastic repair thread and four cleaning pads. Instructions for useage and application are in English and the repair is classed as permanent. Type A has an initial bonding time of 1 hour for 90% adhesion and 24hrs for 100% adhesion (Type B is only suitable for vinyl products and not a stock item)
Click Here for full application list, useful videos etc.
Colour: Clear

Not cheap, but invaluable as a repair product when in the middle of nowhere or travelling.


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