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Product Information

2016 RRD Hardcore Wave V5

Year: 2016

 78-- 98ltrs
Weight:  6.6- 7.0kg
Length: 227 - 228cm
Width: 55.5- 61cm
Construction:  Limited Edition Custom Sandwich/Biaxial Glass. Epoxy/Herex 100 stringers on bottom all the shapes.
Fins: RRD 78lt  2 x 9cm 2 x15.5cm Slot Box.
98lt 2 x 10cm 2 x 16cm Slot Box.
Sail size:  3.7 – 5.8m²
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RRP Price £1793.00 ( all Sizes).

NOW £799.00!

The RRD Hardcore Wave is a pure down the line waveboard which has been improved year on year..for quite few years! The boards are sideshore biased but many south coast riders who still prefer a narrower shape (for when they head West..) choose the Hardcore over the Cult. The boards are now fitted with five Slot boxes so you can run as a Twin, Tri or Quad fin board. Personally I prefer this board in Quad configeration for South Coast use as it seems to perform just as well as it does in Tri-fin mode but has a little more drive. Now on Offer the Hardcore V5 makes an even better Buy! 

RRD say...

After 4 years of ridng waves all over the world with the Hardcore wave shapes V4 we have been able to test lots of different new shapes or prototype boards, used with different riding styles. Today we have been able to finalize 4 new magic shapes. The HardcoreWave V5 are the most vesatile Hardcore boards ever build it since their introduction in our collection. 4 Shapes with 10lt of difference in between 98 all the way down to 68 all equipped with 4 Fins slot box system for maxium drive trough the top and bottom turns.
Features: We have started from a scratch and we decided to only keep the name of the previous boards.
Rockerline: We used our Wave Premium scoopline and we added a little more curve starting from 90cm from tail, slightly increasing the rocker just towards to the end of the tail. We have also adjusted the overall flow of the scoopline on the boards to the millimiter to find the perfect balance for quick planing and radical turns.
 Outline: We decided to go for quite a wider nose compared to the Cult line to allow a straighter and parallel line towards the tail and quite narrow one foot off overall width.
We then designed a completely new tail coming from our new kite-surf shapes.
Tail: The special “squared-swallow” tail allows to keep the last part of the outline as parallel and straight as possible. This increases the portion of the rail in contact with water during turns, giving the best grip and best drive possible.
 Volume: The Volume distribution has been very accurate, and revised several times before the final shapes came out. 1st priority has been the ease of use. Particularly, we felt that we needed a board that would let you go through the line up in the most extreme ligthwind conditions. In these conditions you need a board that sinks evenly and lets you keep floating and sailing out. For this we shaped the deck as flat as possible and we took a lot of attention on the area between the footstraps. We created a flat spot in the middle of the deck., with quite a remarked angle at the joint with the rail, so that your back foot will be locked in place with comfort even when planing with only the front foot in the strap.
 Hull: The bottom shape is the board’s Graal. We have used a V configuration with slightly double concave up to the mast track. Then the V/Double Concave becomes progressively a full double concave running into a concave. On the mid tail the concave will decrease and at the very end it will be almost flat. A V into concave will give you a better early planing and will keep the board behaviour as radical and aggressive in the turns as it can be.


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