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Product Information

Red Paddle Co 3/4 EVA Deck Pad for SUP Board

EVA Deck Pad for SUP boards
Width: 66.5cm (at widest point)
Colour: 1 left in Blue

Was £79.00
Now £60.00!

 A self adhesive and shaped EVA deck pad designed for SUP boards (with Starboard AST White models in mind). The one shown (fitted onto a Starboard Drive AST White board) was the first time for us and it took about 1 hour (planning and marking up takes a while). You do need two people when fitting the pad, as one person peals off the self adhesive backing whilst the other flattens the pad onto the board. Hardest part of all is the cutting out of the Air Valve hole (we did ours with a piece of sharpened alloy tube) and cutting out the handle (we used a new Stanley knife blade but a modelling scalpel might be better) is a little tricky but rubbing down around the edge with a course sandpaper cleans it up quite well.

It is not perfect compared to a Factory fit deck, but the 3m self adhesive glue grabs well and it will be far more comfortable than a hard deck!


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