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Product Information

ProLimit Spreader Bar QR

Windsurfing QR Spreader Bar £29.95
Kite Stump Nose version also available at £29.95
Dual Webbing £29.95
FAT Heavy Duty Windsurf Bar £34.95
Stainless Steel
Easy Quick Release
Neo Cover (Full on Dual Webbing.. replaceable at £3.95)
Four Size Options

Colour:  Black

Sizes available:


Patented Pin Releasebar System by Pro Limit.
This is the longest standing QR Spreader bar we know of and it has avery good track record.
The windsurf and stump nose can be fitted to harnesses that use 35mm webbing. The XTS is more specialised.. CALL! 
Pro Limit say..

Our patented Pin Release bar is unique for it's easy mounting, it's safe construction without having to re tension the harness bar webbing straps and can be used as a safety feature as well. The Pin takes loads over 450 kg which is more than a human spine can withstand.

All bars are made of high marine grade stainless steel, carefully welded and coated. For kiteboarding harnesses we use a stump nose bar which has a unique shape that reduces inadvertent harness line releases, and keeps you locked in for tweaked maneuvers and toe side riding!t While Windsurfers do want a bar which is easy to unhook.

Thanks to 24/7 for the Picture!! :) 


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