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Product Information

2016 & 2017 ProLimit Hydrogen Skin 6/4mm

Year: 2016 & 2017

  • Waterblock Zip gusset 
  • Velcro Leg Cuffs
  • Extended Cuffs
  • Anti Choke collar
  • Airflex2
  • 5 Way flex knee
Colour: 2016 Black with Blue logo. 2017 Black with Red logos.
2016 model 56/xxl 
2017model 52l / 54xl 

2016 RRP £199.00 Now £149.00
2017 RRP £299.00 Now £189.00

Please Note. You will pay almost twice this much for a single lined suit in 2019.
The Wind Chill prevention wetsuit from Pro Limit. The Single Lined Mesh rubber means you can stand around on the beach longer without suffering from the evaporation effects and wind chill issues that the double lined suits are prone to. Great for Windsurf for warmth.. not good for Kite or Surf re. durability of single lined material. 
The 2016 suit is made of a harder wearing material then the 2017 but it is not so flexible. The 2017 is super soft for a single lined suit but does mean a little care is needed when putting the suit on and taking it off!  
Pro Limit say...

The Pro Limit hydrogen wetsuit is made of 100% Skin neoprene. Skin neoprene retains no water on the outside surface which prevents windchill from evaporation. This outside surface combined with Zodiac Lining on the inside makes this the warmest wetsuit available. The sharktooth-zipper is watertight.The Hydrogen Skin wetsuit is made out of different types neoprene. The upperpart is made out of stretchy soft neoprene for maximum comfort, while the lowerpart is made out of more durable neoprene. The 6mm Tri-core chest- and back panel combined with zodiac lining guarantee comfort and warmth.


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