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Product Information

2013 JP Australia Twinser Quad 82lt Pro Edition Used ( SG66)

Year: 2013

Please Call us on 01273 465366 and we can put you in touch with the owner (Horsham area).

Ref: JPTWQ82013SG66
Weight: 6.3kg
Length: 227cm
Width: 57cm
Construction:  Pro Edition Carbon
Fin:  Original JP 15cm US rears / 10cm MT sides 
Sail Size: 4.2 – 6.0m²

Second set of JP fins available!
14cm rears / 10cm Sides £50.00 with board or £65.00 on their own!

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JP's Twinser Quad which is more Quad but can be used as a lose Twin finned board. This board is in VGC but has had a scrape on the rail near the tail ((cosmetic rather than structural).
JP said..

PRO Edition in Carbon Innegra Technology with PVC-stringers in the bottom
The performance advantages are significant. No one questions this fact in side shore conditions anymore. All well-known riders have switched to this set-up.
Kauli, who initiated the Twinser and Quad area made these boards popular with his unique style. He has put a lot of effort into the development of the new range wanting a line of Quads that he can use around the world in all events and all different conditions, not just pure down-the-line.
To cover this all was not an easy task.
This range also shines in areas where Quads previously did not feel at home: Early planing, great speed and upwind performance.
During the development process we tried all different bottom concepts.
The concept Kauli liked the most and which he chose for his quiver to compete around the world combines double concaves in the mid section running into a flat V towards the tail.
This feature allows using a rather flat bottom curve making it easy to get going, accelerate and reach high speed.
The V increasing towards the tail gives the board a very curvy rail line. Something everyone is looking for when going down-the-line.
A thin rail shape throughout the board in combination with a soft tuck line makes the boards slice through the wave face providing the grip and forgiveness the rider is looking for.
Adjusting the radius at any time and lining up for big aerials becomes natural, followed by big moves.
Some volume shifted back creating more buoyancy behind the mast base and around the foostrap area. This makes the board more stable when not planing and easier to push the board onto the plane.
Another advantage going hand in hand with this change is that we could move the footstrap position slightly further back. This again helps to cut radical short turns into small waves.
You still can use them as Twinsers or as Quads. As Quads they have more bite and control. As Twinsers the boards are slightly more loose (we recommend 2cm longer fins in similar conditions).
The new Quad line stands out with a huge range of use and radical performance in all wave conditions.


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