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All of the Used Boards Not on the Site

Here you will find lis
ted all of the Used Boards that are in stock but not yet on the site. We will move them to the site as soon as we can, so do check in case you were watching and think it has been sold! 
Please Call us on 01273 465366 or Enquire if you would like more info on any of the below . 

Updated:  09 10 2020

These are USED WINDSURF BOARDS that may not yet be listed on the site. Our site has a limited picture size so
For larger Pics Enquire Here!

Some of the BOARDS ARE NOT AT THE SHOP and will be marked *. To arrange viewing please Call 01273465366 or Enquire 


*Quatro Rythmn Twin fin 75lt 2010 VGC £199.00
Come with a Flying Objects Bag
Ref D Jones. Please Call to arrange viewing. 
Quatro Tempo 76lt 2010 VGC (SA47) £250.00
With 16cm LS and KT Twinser fin sets!
This board can be viewed on eBay Click Here

JP Freestyle Wave Mk 2 Pro 77lt 2009 £ 279.00
Length 238cm Width 55.8cm Fin 23cm G10
Very Nice Condition hence the price. Bag included

JP Hydro Foil ES 120lt 2020 with bag inc NP Flight Foil with AFS cover. All in Great condition and a bargain of a foiling package
at £1125.00!

Fanatic Quad 72lt TE 2011 (CC31) £189.00
Rails are a bit scratched up but this is a Carbon Kevlar construction, so it is tough ! 226.x 53.5cm

Quatro Single Fin 64lt 2012 VGC £200.00
Perfect voloume for the lighterweight rider.. a rare opportunity
and could be modified to a tri fin quite easily.

RRD Pocket Rocket E-Tech 2020 It's as New! £1085.00
With RRD Colours Whasup Bag and Four Footstraps which are extra on these multiple discipline boards (Wind, Wing and SUP capable)

Fanatic Gecko 120lt HRS 2019. As New! (C51) £765.00
This is a great board for those wishing to move to their first Freeride or for the 'long term' sailor who realy wants to crack the carve gybe.
HRS is a hard wearing construction but is not that heavy.

JP Freestyle Wave 84lt Pro 2008 GC (RT53) £250.00
A 'classic' Freestyle Waver that will still perform brilliantly!
Nose has been repaired but this board is watertight and very light (Carbon Kevlar)! Pics to follow!

Naish Pro Wave 84lt 2006 VGC! £100.00
The Naish Logo is missing from the deck but otherwise it is in very good condition. Every Naish board is guaranteed to make you look like Robby on a Wave! :) Pics to follow.

Please see SUP Category (WindSUP boards listed there)




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