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Product Information

2018 NP Combat Armor Skin Wetsuits

Year: 2018
SEMIDRY 5/4/3mm E3

The new Combat wetsuits blend material innovation with forward thinking design. New anatomical silhouettes enhance movement with advanced materials ensuring protection, warmth and durability.
The combination of Yamamoto Limestone and Armor- Skin neoprene provides total body protection against the elements.The 5/4/3mm feels as warm as a 6mm wetsuit, so we added a 3mm for those ‘not so cold’ days.
Other features include the all-new Bioceramic lining for heat retention and thermoregulation, and our stitchless suit technology, which is a combination of our NEG (Neoprene Elastic Glue) P-Skin+ and inner neoprene taping.
Protection, warmth and durability, designed to Combat all conditions.

Sizes Available:
48 50 98 52 102 54 106 
Colours: Black. 

Click Here for sizing and full suit specifications

Pricing £
Combat Front Zip 5/4/3mm £449.00
Combat Back Zip 5/4/3mm £449.00
Combat Front Zip 3.5mm £439.00
Combat Back Zip 3.5mm £439.00

The Combat suits are All New for 2018 and have been re-designed to encompass the new materials now available from Yamamoto Neoprene.
The increased insulation now available from thinner materials has led to a whole new thinking regarding the necessary 'weight' of neoprene used in certain areas of wetsuits

If you would like to see a 5/4/3mm being tested off of Brighton in December 2017.. please Click Here (Thanks Andrew.. great Test! )


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