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All Board and Travel Bag Quad / Tri- Fin Modification

If you have a quad or tri- fin board and want to have a bag that allows the fins to protrude through the bag.. we can help.
Our sail repairer has recently modified a Flying Objects Twin fin Bag for a customer and we were all impressed with the modification.  The charge for the mod was a very reasonable £20.00 and we can now offer this service on new bags or on your current bag, as long as it is brought in both CLEAN and DRY, otherwise he will not do it. With the twin fin bag we have worked out the slot positions to suit most boards but if you have a tri fin then we will need you to mark the slot positions (make sure you allow enough length for the bag to pull down over the fin tips) or you can bring it in and we will assist for a nominal fee.. ;)  

Please note that the price may have to be adjusted if more work is entailed and the thickness of the bag padding in some cases may not allow the modification. Please call us for more information.

from £20.00

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