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Product Information

2018-2019 Aeron Carbon 230-290cm

Year: 2018-2019
RRP £999.00 
Now £799.00

Classic Shape Boom
Grip Diameter:
Length: 230-290cm
Tapered: No
Construction: Carbon
Weight: 3.75kg
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Fits RDM and Std. masts. Wide Rear Tailpiece to increase boom stiffness and prevent sail rub . Racing rear cleat. Two pin rear end adjusters.
Aeron Say...

The Aeron 230-290 carbon boom arms are 31mm throughout for maximum strength and stiffness to cope with the extreme stresses exerted by large race sails and prolonged pumping. Ultra-stiff and light, it 's the perfect Formula race boom covering sails from approximately 9.0 to 12.5m
The back-end is supplied with the 3-roller system for compatibility with adjustable outhaul systems.


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