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These are the New Boards that are on Sale and currently in Stock at the shop. Some may and some may not yet be on as seperate listings on the website.
There may well be other sizes available to order so please do CALL 01273 465366 or ENQUIRE as we will price match but still offer our Customer Service.
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Please do check prior to coming to the shop as we cannot guarantee that the board may not have already been sold. 
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Updated  24 05 2020

FANATIC Gecko 156lt HRS Dagger SS  £979.00

FANATIC GECKO  FOIL 133lts  2019    £1360.00
(With ex display Fanatic H9 Foil             £1860.00)

JP HYDRO FOIL 135lt FWS 2018            £1299.00

JP MAGIC RIDE 142lts FWS 2018          £1279.00

NAISH HOVER 122 lt Windsurf 2019    £1389.00
(Thrust Std. Wind surf Foil 2019  add £879.00 ) 

NAISH HOVER 120lt  X-Over 2019        £1389.00
(Thrust Surf Foil XL 2019 add  £979.00) 

QUATRO SUPER MINI 94lt 2019            £1599.00

RRD FREESTYLE WAVE V5 104lts        £1499.00
Other sizes available, please call.

RRD WAVE CULT V7 92lts Wood           £999.00
Other sizes available, please call.

STARBOARD QUAD 84lt  Carbon 2016  £899.00

(Foil Boards.. please Ask!)

Please see SUP Category for SUP Boards on Offer.



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