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Product Information

2018 NP Nexus

Year: 2018

3/2mm Shorty £209.00  Call for availability 
3/3mm Convert £299.00 Size 48 or 52 available to order
4/3mm Semidry £269.00 1 x 52 in stock
5/4/3mm Semidry £319.00 Size 46 available to order
Lady 5/4/3mm Semidry £349.00 
32 - 34 - 36 - 36Tall - 38 Tall - 40 available to order

The Nexus pares down our windsport performance wetsuits to the core: offering only what’s important. The Nexus is the perfect combination of highly flexible, mesh neoprenes ideal for windsport. An inner layering of Hotcell insulation fabric effectively traps a layer of warm water next to the skin, keeping the core temperature up.

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Sizes Available:
Euro: 48  50   98   26 52 102  54    56    58
    US:  S   M    MT  LS   L   LT   XL  XXL  XXL
Euro: 34 36 38 38T 40 42
  US: 4 6 8 8T 10 12

Please Note. See website for specific suit sizes as not all suits are available in these sizes!

The Nexus range of wetsuits is designed for windsports in cooler countries...just like ours! 3/3mm shorty or short arm convertible for summer and then the 5/4/3mm for winter.. or summer if you live in the North of Scotland!!
The spec of the suits is high hence the price will seem greater than other suits of a similar type manufactured in a double lined material.. but they are worth the extra as they're truly wind chill resistant!


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