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Product Information

2013 RRD Wave Vogue MKIV 5.0m

Year: 2013
Sideshore 5 Batten Wave Sail 

Target window –
5mm high durability X-ply surrounds a 4mm high visibility X-ply centre window, which together with double stitched seams, gives the perfect combination of strength, visibility and performance.

-Cross panel construction-
The striking full X-ply body gives heavy duty support along the main lines of tension in the sail.

-Performance based construction –
Each panel specifically designed for performance. Lighter but super strong 4mm X-ply through the top of the sail reduces the swing weight and improves the manoeuvrability, whilst heavy duty 5mm X-ply through the lower parts enhance durability.

Size      Boom     Luff       Mast      Head
3.4m    142cm  340cm   C80/340   Adjustable
3.7m    146cm  367cm   C80/340   Adj.
4.0m    151cm  373cm   C80/370   Adj.
4.2m    154cm  389cm   C80/370   Adj.
4.5m    158cm  404cm  C100/400  Fixed
4.7m    162cm  405cm  C100/400  Fixed
5.0m    166cm  414cm  C100/400  Fixed
5.2m    172cm  420cm  C100/400  Fixed
5.6m    178cm  431cm  C100/400  Fixed

Colours:  Purple/Black.

Price RRP 5.0m    £499.00

Wave Vogue...for the alround wave sailor who wants to ride, jump and do the tricks.. oh.. and who also likes to hum a Madonna song whilst doing it.. :}
RRD say..
The original favourite in the RRD line has received a new face lift. A modernised outline and shape has maintained the control that fans of the sail have always loved, but at the same time increased the power and all around ability of the sail, thereby making it now even more versatile. Construction has also been updated, fine tuning the materials to give optimum performance, weight and strength. The outcome is a sail that not only offers the ultimate in control, but also opens up a world of opportunities in the ‘real world’ of wavesailing. The Vogue Mk4 is the all new control sail from RRD. Click Here for more info.


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