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Product Information

2015/16 RRD Freestyle Wave V3 94lt Ltd

Year: 2015/16
Widestyle FreeStyle Wave.
Board sizes.
Weight:   6.5 
Length:  236cm
Width:      61cm
Construction:  Limited 
Fin:  MFC AR Freewave Power box fin 28cm
Sail Range:  4.2-6.4m
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 RRP £1719.00 Now  £999.00 In Stock

The most popular Freestyle Wave in our area due to its ease of sailing (it will give back what you put in..) and versatility to perform well in all conditions! The extra width was initially a concern as the narrower models had been so well accepted, but the width only improved the overall performance, so they are better than ever.
RRD say...

As the trend of wave boards shapes keeps going towards multifin hulls, we have preferred to retain a “classic”, reliable and fast planing single fin board line that would be suited for those who wish for a “do it all” type of short board. The new Freestyle Wave boards, Version 3, are four new simple, refined, retuned shapes that will cover the whole range of use of this program.
The outlines of the boards have been re-designed and adapted to the new rocker line.
The boards are now slightly longer (on average 2 cms) than the previous incarnations, the V2s and slightly narrower, starting from a 59 cms wide outline on the new 88 lts all the way up to a 64,5 cms wide board on the 106 lts, so between 0,5 on the smallest board and 3,5 cms on the biggest one. This difference in width has created a more alive, crisp feeling of the performance while riding and further more enhanced the control in stronger winds.


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