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Product Information

2017 Red Paddle Co Glass 3-part SUP Paddle

Year: 2017

Glass Fibre Allround 3-part paddle.

Round Shaft
Glass/ Rubber Anatomic Handgrip
Glass Fibre Blade. 
Weight: 0.93kg
Paddle length:  Adj.180- 220cm.
Blade: Medium  Surface Area: TBA sq in. 

3- Part Adj.    £149.00

An affordable entry into the world of performance Paddles. This paddle is a glass fibre model designed to be lighter / stiffer than an alloy with more energy going into the blade... More Power Scotty!! 
Red Paddle say..

Who's it for? The average paddler looking for a lighter, better blade
This paddle has a glass fibre shaft with a progressive curve blade shape to give you extra performance. The shaft has a dynamic flex that will put extra spring and energy into your stroke.
Available only in 3 piece construction making it the best budget travel companion!


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