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Product Information

2017 Maui Fin Co. TF-FW RTM (Tri- Fin Freewave )

Year: 2017

Tri Fin / Thruster wave fins for Freewave Boards or
for use in onshore conditions
Available Sizes:
Center fins (SB slot box PB power box) 
Price £ 109.00

Center 21cm US Box, SB, PB  G10
Center 22cm US Box, SB, PB  G10
Center 23cm US Box, SB, PB  G10
Center 25cm US Box, SB, PB  G10
SIDE FINS (MT mini tuttle box)
Price per Pair £109.00
Sides 9cm US Box, SB, MT G10
Sides 10cm US Box, SB, MT G10

The Freewave version of the Tri Fins.
MFC say..(not a lot :) 
Straighter Rake angle and faster profile allow this Tri Fin set to be exceptional in On-Shore conditions.


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