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Product Information

2011 Gaastra Manic Wave 4.0m (WN36) Used

Year: 2011
Ref: GM4011WN36
 4.0m Adj.head
Luff: 374cm
Boom: 151cm
Mast: 370cm RDM
Colour:  C1 Green/Black

The Manic wave sail.. designed for all conditions and is still current in the Gaastra range. This sail is the std. version which a large number of sailors proffered to the HD version (which had a scrim window panel..aka X-ply) as the 'view' is a lot clearer.

This sail is generally in good condition and has a small repair patch above the bottom batten near the luff tube (cosmetic rather than a structural repair). The official description is as below..

This years Manic sees a complete new design outlook. The luff has been shortened and has a wider head to compensate for this. The Manic borrows design ideas from the IQ while retaining all its successful features from the past, creating a sail that is perfect for any rider.
We had to step up the Manic’s design for this year. We went to the drawing board and came up with a morph of the IQ and the Manic…. we combined the two and have what I would consider the perfect balance!
The all new design features the same quality you would always demand from the Manic. The Dacron Luff Panel provides a soft responsive and elastic drive. The shape stays locked forward so you are always in control. Flat profiles and the perfect twist make the sail ultra smooth and fun to ride. You can turn it on or off instantly. The Manic holds true to its roots- A sail that you can rely on in any condition.
Kevin Pritchard:
“I’m stoked on the new Manic. It has that new feeling I am looking for- it is more compact so I can smack the lip harder and let loose! It really compliments my quad fin boards and makes me feel like I’m riding a smaller sail with just as much power.”
Bottom line:
The Manic delivers greatness to any condition. It will perform in strong winds, light winds, choppy waters, smooth water or whatever you can throw at it. It is a great high wind sail for riders looking for perfect harmony in their rigs. No matter what level of sailor you are, you can’t go wrong with the Manic!”



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